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Upstream Sealing Solutions

Alba Gaskets is a major manufacturer and supplier of gaskets and technical solutions to the global oil and gas sector.

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Alba Gaskets is a major manufacturer and supplier of gaskets and technical solutions to the global oil and gas sector. Based in Aberdeen, it specialises in products designed to:

  • Provide the highest level of fire safety
  • Reduce fugitive emissions
  • Combat corrosion

The company’s main product lines include:

  • Defender fire-safe flange isolation kits
  • Fire-safe metallic gaskets (API RTJ gaskets in all materials)
  • Semi-metallic gaskets (inhibitor gaskets, spiral wounds)
  • Corrosion-resistant modified PTFE gaskets
  • Fire-safe CNAF materials
  • Kammprofile heat exchanger vessel gaskets

Alba Gaskets carries large stocks of all its main product lines and is focused on offering quick lead times for non-stockable items. The company’s customer service team provides advice and assistance to oil and gas clients on a daily basis and has an unsurpassed level of technical experience in this sector. Alba Gaskets has a proactive attitude to customer service and problem solving, giving its clients the confidence to come back time and time again.

Fire-safe flange isolation kits

Alba Gaskets is an industry expert in flange insulation kits used for electrical isolation, cathodic protection, and the mitigation of galvanic corrosion where dissimilar metals are present. Its main product line in this category is the Defender FS fire-safe insulation kit. This product provides the isolation characteristics of a 316 stainless core / GRE kit but with the fire integrity of a metallic gasket.

Alba Gaskets’ Defender fire-safe isolation kit is widely used by upstream operators.
The Inhibitor gasket prevents flange-face corrosion.
Alba Gaskets holds huge stocks of all types of API RTJs and provides in-house testing on these products.
The company offers a range of fire-safe sheet gasket materials.
Alba Gaskets offers its clients the best possible solutions.

The Defender FS is fully tested to the most stringent API 6F fire test and is now widely used by many of the large oil and gas operators in the North Sea. Alba Gaskets holds large stocks of the Defender FS and of non-fire-safe flange isolation kits.

Inhibitor gaskets

In 2010, a major North Sea operator came to Alba Gaskets to request that the company design a new gasket to replace their standard graphite spiral wounds. The client was experiencing serious corrosion issues on their flange faces. They requested a solution that would be fire safe and inert and would seal tighter than the conventional spiral-wound gasket. The inhibitor gasket was identified as the ideal solution.

In a conventional spiral-wound gasket there is little or no sealing on the inner ring. The design of the inhibitor gasket ensures that the Kammpro™ inner ring provides the primary sealing interface and is matched on its inside diameter to that of the flange piping schedule, thus ensuring that there is no void where crevice or galvanic corrosion can propagate. The inner ring material and its covering layer are inert in terms of corrosion through contact with dissimilar materials.

Independent testing shows that the inhibitor gasket seals ten times more tightly than a conventional spiral-wound gasket. It has now been formally specified by a number of global oil operators and has become a key solution in the battle to prevent flange-face corrosion and reduce fugitive emissions.

API ring-type joints (RTJs)

Alba Gaskets supplies a wide range of ring-type joints and API rings to the oil and gas sector. All of its products are manufactured to API 6A PSL Level 4, the highest recognised industry standard. All materials are fully traceable and meet the requirements of NACE specifications.

The following metallic ring styles fall within its fire-safe RTJ scope of supply:

  • R style octagonal or oval section: these rings are designed to suit ASME / ANSI B16.5 flanges
  • BX style: API rings to suit API 6A flanges
  • RX style – API rings
  • Wellhead rings: machined parts to customer-specific drawings
  • Specialised rings to suit problematic flanges; details upon request

Fire-safe sheet gasket materials

Alba Gaskets’ fire-safe sheet gasket solutions can be supplied in sheeting form or as cut joints to meet flange standards or customer-specific dimensions. These gaskets are used in low-pressure applications, such as ANSI class 150lb and 300lb. They can be supplied in various thicknesses from 0.5mm to 3mm for all material types.

Alba Gaskets manufactures these gaskets to specific customer specifications and sizes. It supplies a wide range of materials designed to cover the most demanding applications.

Upstream sealing solutions

Alba Gaskets is completely focused on the upstream oil and gas sector. Virtually all of its clients work in this field. The company has a deep technical understanding of the sector and of the high expectations clients have in their supply partners. Alba Gaskets welcomes the opportunity to discuss your requirements, and invites you to contact using the details below.

Block 1, Units 10 and 11
Souterhead Industrial Centre
AB12 3LF
United Kingdom

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