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Offshore and Subsea Fluid Swivel and Transfer Solutions

DSTI provides fluid swivel and electrical slip ring products for a range of oil and gas applications globally.

13829 Jay Street NW,
Andover, MN 55304,
United States of America

13829 Jay Street NW,
Andover, MN 55304,
United States of America

fluid swivels and electrical slip rings

DSTI provides fluid swivel and electrical slip ring products for a range of oil and gas applications globally. The company offers integrated solutions to help its customers achieve their project goals, from design and manufacturing through to testing and qualification. DSTI fluid products are utilised worldwide to provide efficient, consistent and safe connections to high-pressure equipment.

DSTI has developed and implemented proven systems and processes to deliver fluid swivel and rotary union solutions for complex and challenging projects. The company’s project and document management, product testing and design qualification, and quality management systems allow it to provide the highly engineered solutions that are demanded in offshore and subsea applications.

DSTI conducts its operations to ensure that staff work together and take responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others, minimise their impact on the environment, and ensure the best quality in products and services. DSTI’s international ISO 9001:2008 management system demonstrates strictly applied standards with an innovative approach to continuous improvement.

Offshore fluid swivels and rotary unions

DSTI’s offshore fluid rotary unions integrate directly into hose reel systems, providing hydraulic, pneumatic, chemical and electrical service for umbilical reel operations. High-pressure (20,000+ PSI) and high-flow designs are available with options for single and multiple fluid passage channels.

Standard stock products are available, in addition to custom solutions engineered to meet the exact requirements for integration into new and existing reel designs.

Subsea fluid swivels, ROV panels and hot stab connectors

DSTI’s subsea swivels are designed for safe and reliable fluid transfer for pipeline / flowline installation and operation applications. Subsea swivels are designed with heavy duty bearings to help absorb moments and loads associated with the installation process. This significantly reduces risk and improves installation time. DSTI also provides high-pressure and high-flow hot stab connectors that are designed to exact programme specifications.

Complete packaged solutions are available, including fluid swivels, ROV panels, hot stabs, bulk head fittings and more.

HPI fluid swivels

DSTI’s offshore high-pressure inline (HPI) fluid swivels allow for 360° rotation of topside and subsea lines. Compact designs offer reduced weight. Heavy-duty internal roller bearings support hose loads and provide a low rotating torque.

DSTI HPI swivels reduce the stress on high-pressure flexible lines, improving efficiency and service life and reducing downtime.

A New Range of Subsea Remote Cutting Technology

In order to effectively utilise an external cutting manipulator (ECM) that allows for remotely controlled cutting of subsea steel structures for offshore decommissioning, Oil States Industries needed to develop a rotary docking module (RDM) that mounts to a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to allow proper installation.

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13829 Jay Street NW

Andover, MN 55304

United States of America