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Belcom’s Armada® cables ensure safety, security and reliability when used on topside and subsea offshore projects.

Data, energy and control cables for offshore infrastructure

The company’s data, energy and control cables are robust enough to withstand the adverse conditions encountered offshore such as extreme weather and temperatures. They ensure protection for personnel, infrastructure and the environment.

The cables’ ruggedness provides secure and reliable communications over long-distances, enabling continuous operations. All products manufactured by Belcom are in accordance with regulations set out by DNV GL and ABS.

To ensure optimum performance and the latest standards are adhered to, Belcom’s Armada® cable range is regularly updated.

Belcom Cables is a DNV GL-certified ISO 9001:2008 company.

A comprehensive range of cables for the marine industry

We stock an extensive range of offshore cables at our Stansted Airport depot, including:

  • Multi-pair data (RS232, RS422 and RS485)
  • Fieldbus (Profibus, Profinet, Fieldbus, Devicenet™ and ControlNet™)
  • Fieldbus (CAN, AS-I, ControlNet™, Devicenet™, Fieldbus, Profibus and Profinet)
  • Fibre-optic (loose tube, tight buffered and breakout)
  • Industrial ethernet (Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a & Cat7a)
  • Coaxial (RG, URM, microwave and antenna)
  • Power (BS, IEC, NEK)

Customised marine and offshore cables

In addition to stocking cables for marine environments, Belcom can manufacture customised cables to meet precise requirements, as well as detail technical data sheets.

This could be something as complex as a multiple element composite cable, or as simple as extra protection.

Typically, the concept, design, approval and production cycle takes weeks or months to complete. However, Belcom’s attention to detail and full colour 3D proposals ensure the design and approvals process is significantly shortened. With the backing by some of Europe’s most innovative cable production facilities, the finished cables are delivered in the shortest lead times on the market.

Armada™ Cables encompass approvals from the leading certification bodies such as DNV GL, Bureau Veritas, ABS, Lloyds Register & RMRS. GOST-R, GOST-K and GOST Fire Safety certificates are also available on a range of instrumentation and fibre-optic cables.

Marine cables with fire safety capabilities

Our marine and offshore cables comprise FireFighter® compounds, which are tried, tested and trusted in many areas where there is a need for a low-smoke zero halogen cable.

They are produced to exacting IEC and EN standards for fire performance covering 332-1 for single cables and 332-3 (Cat A/B/C/D) for bunched cables, as well as low-smoke generation (61034) and negligible halogen gas emission (60754-1).

Coupled with globally recognised IEC60092-359 standards, including SHF-1, SHF-2 and NEK606 <MUD> properties, this means the right cable for the right environment is our priority. In addition, within the Armada® range FFCi™ technology is applied to cables where circuit integrity is required, critical data carrying copper and fibre cables, as well as instrument and power types can all be supplied.

Armada® Bus Cables

Characteristics: SHF1 and SHF2; fire-resistant; marine approved to GL, ABS, DNV, NEK606 mud-resistant.

Armada® Coaxial Cables

Characteristics: 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm Flexible armour protection; fire-resistant low smoke; SHF1 and SHF2 mud-resistant to NEK606 GL, ABS, DNV-approved.

Armada® Data Multipair

Characteristics: Flexible armour protection; fire-resistant low smoke; SHF1 and SHF2 mud-resistant to NEK606 GL, ABS, DNV approved.

Armada® Fibre-Optic Cables

Characteristics: OS1/OS2; OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4 Flexible armour protection; fire-resistant low smoke; SHF1 and SHF2 mud resistant to NEK606 GL,ABS,DNV approved.

Armada® LAN Industrial Ethernet

Characteristics: Flexible armour protection; fire-resistant low smoke; SHF1 and SHF2 mud-resistant to NEK606 GL, ABS, DNV approved, high data transfer.

Armada Cables

The range of Armada Cables have been designed and manufactured with quality, safety, security and reliability at their core.

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