Do you have any concerns about your asset integrity and are you familiar with distributed fiber-optic sensing?

Brugg Cables is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of engineered F/O sensing cable system solutions. These systems detect strain, temperature, acoustics (intrusion, vibration), pressure and humidity in interaction with light in optical fibers using Brillouin, Raman, Rayleigh Scattering or FBG methods.

Brugg is offering a wide range of fiber-optic sensing cables and accessories for distributed fiber-optic sensing, connecting cables and specialty fiber-optic cables.

Brugg’s expertise and services are valuable tools to optimize results under difficult and harsh conditions and to protect your critical assets.

Learn more about Brugg Cables at Sakhalin 2012 oil and gas conference on 24 – 27 September 2012 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia.

Don’t miss Alex Diserens presentation on 24 September.