Fluiconnecto by Manuli is a leading global international distribution and hydraulic engineering services organisation, serving all market sectors with a complete range of high-quality hydraulic components and technical services. Our particular expertise is in hydraulic and industrial hoses, fittings and accessories for the offshore oil and gas industry.

Fluiconnecto by Manuli is a division of Manuli Rubber Industries (MRI), enabling it to offer the full range of Manuli integrated hydraulic hoses and fittings, which conform to international standards and type approvals such as DNV, GL, API, ABS, KRS and RINA MED.

Hydraulic and industrial hoses

Manuli hose products offer a wide variety of solutions for all industry sectors. We have a standard universal range of braided and spiral hoses available, as well as an extreme hose range of high temperature, high flexibility and large bore hoses.

Our comprehensive range of specialised hose assembly machinery supports our product line. These machines range from small mobile hand crimpers to those capable of crimping 3in six-spiral hose assemblies, as well as a complete range of cutting and skiving machines.

Fluiconnecto by Manuli provides a complete range of high-quality hydraulic components and engineering services.
Our particular expertise is in hydraulic and industrial hoses, fittings and accessories for the offshore oil and gas industry.
GOLDENDRILL rotary drilling hoses.
Series D dual ferrule instrument tube fitting.
Our range of standard and stainless-steel hose fittings includes adaptors, compression tube fittings and quick-release couplings.

Rotary drilling hoses

Manuli GOLDENDRILL series hoses provide API 7K and ISO 6807 standard performance. They are a new generation of rotary drilling hoses for maximum flexibility, utilising crimped technology and high abrasion-resistant tube and cover compounds to extend hose life. Speciality end fittings are available to suit all offshore applications, including API and hammer unions in fig.100 to fig.1502, in sizes from 2in to 6in.

Standard and stainless-steel hose fittings

We offer a comprehensive range of fitting end terminations for all industries. MF2000® hose fittings are available with skive and non-skive technology for both braided and standard spiral range hoses, as well as on the interlock range where internal and external skiving is required on extreme impulse and pressure applications. These hose fittings are also available in stainless steel.

Adaptors and compression tube fittings

MF4000 is a quality range of adaptors covering a wide range of end terminations; i.e. BSP, Metric, JIC, ORFS, NPT and SAE specifications. These adaptors are also available in stainless steel. To add to the flexible hoses and fittings on offer, we also have a range of steel tube and compression fittings available.

Quick-release couplings

The Q-Safe range of quick-release couplings enlarges our product offering to clients, with speciality high-pressure 5TV 5,000PSi couplings available up to 3in.

Hose protection products

Our hi-tech range of hose protection products are dedicated to heavy, demanding applications. The product range includes spiral guard (standard and FRAS), textile and fire-resistant sleeves.

Instrumentation fittings and valves

We have a full range of high-quality instrumentation fittings and valves in 316 stainless steel to meet the rigorous applications found in offshore oil and gas platforms, diving services equipment and petro-chemical plants.

Offshore hose and tube services

We offer an extensive range of services including:

  • Hose assembly, cleaning and pressure testing services
  • Tube bending and installation services
  • Technical support service offered to all our customers, driven by know-how and experience
  • Hose assembly workshops that are equipped to ensure prompt delivery from our service points to our customers
  • A complete stock level of all products to provide full availability
  • Continuous worldwide network development to implement market needs
  • Engineering technical services, hose maintenance, hose marking and hose management programmes

Operating with a network of more than 120 fully owned service points in 12 countries, as well as on-site service vans and workshops, we are committed to providing products and services of the highest quality.

Our service points offer 24hr support and assistance to our clients. Not only does this allow us to provide a prompt and flexible technical service at all times, it ensures the client is never left without the necessary technical support. Our 24/7 service points are staffed with sales technicians of the highest calibre equipped with an outstanding knowledge of, and passion for, our products.