Drawing on a long history of experience and expertise in fluid power engineering and hose technology, Gates Engineering & Services (E&S) offers quality products for the oil field, as well as complete, disciplined, customised hose management services that add significant business value.

Hydraulic hose assemblies

Gates manufactures an extensive range of hydraulic hose and couplings products that meet and exceed SAE, EN and ISO performance specifications and are certified to ABS, DNV, Lloyds, BV and GL requirements. Hose assemblies are available in sizes from ¼in up to 3in with all international terminations in both carbon and stainless steel.

Drilling hose assemblies

With its robust swage-on coupling design, Gates Roughneck drilling hose assemblies are made to order. The assemblies are certified to API, ABS and DNV requirements, and meet the needs of a broad range of rotary drilling, vibrator, cementing, sour service, choke & kill, motion compensator and de-coker applications.

Hose management services for offshore rigs

Offering superior technologies, unparalleled flexible hose assembly performance and high-tech tools, E&S engineers bring superior fluid power expertise and service to the hose management process to help optimize asset value and mitigate the costs of hose failure.

Black Gold® rotary / vibrator drilling hose assemblies are designed to exceed minimum standards for pull and burst pressures. Swage attached couplings have no seals to leak or set screws to loosen.
Gates E2E industrial hose products, including the flexible, lightweight and safe Longhorn® MegaFlex® petroleum transfer hose, work together in integrated systems to provide optimal performance.
Gates meets the needs of today’s high-powered, high-pressure hydraulic equipment with its MegaSys® line. The constant pressure spiral-wire and wire-braid hoses bend up to one-third the SAE specification.
Sentry™ ID Service is a unique, radio frequency tagging system that lets users identify and track specific hose assemblies operating worldwide.
Gates invented the V-belt and continues to be the world's largest manufacturer of power transmission belts offering a broad range of heavy-duty, light-duty and speciality belt drives.

E&S Hose Management Services assist clients in all aspects of regulatory compliance and in the pursuit of best practices in designing, selecting, installing and maintaining hose assemblies on all rig equipment. As part of its Hose Management Services, E&S will certify and/or recertify all hoses installed on rig equipment.

A suite of web-based applications that monitor the performance and condition of hose assemblies, Sentry™ Services warns of potential failures to eliminate unscheduled downtime.

Sentry IQ Service electronically captures and monitors real-time diagnostic information about the current operating condition and performance of individual hose assemblies.

Sentry IQ Service is a unique RFID tagging system that identifies and tracks specific hose assemblies to provide easy field access to hose assembly data.

Transfer hose assemblies

Gates offers a full range of high quality transfer hose assemblies, crimpers, couplings and accessories for a broad range of media including chemical, petroleum, air, water, abrasive materials, food, beverage and steam.

V-belts for offshore power transmission

Gates invented the V-belt a century ago and continues to be the world’s leading manufacturer of power transmission belts offering a complete line of ISO / DIN standard and conventional belt sections. Whether an application requires a heavy-duty, light-duty or speciality belt Gates has a belt to meet or exceed the requirements.