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Power Cables, Pump Cables and Cable Installation Services

For more than 150 years, Kerite has manufactured high-quality insulated utility transmission and distribution power cables and industrial power cables.

49 Day Street,
Seymour, CT, 06483,
United States of America
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Kerite, founded in 1854 and headquartered in Seymour, Connecticut, is a member of the Marmon Utility group of companies. For more than 150 years, Kerite has manufactured high-quality insulated utility transmission and distribution power cables and industrial power cables.

The company’s reputation for manufacturing quality electrical cables is based on operations in tough, real world environmental conditions, not just accelerated laboratory testing. While others may rely on inconclusive short-term tests, Kerite can draw upon a century and a half of experience in formulating, compounding, manufacturing, and installing insulated power cables. We are proud of the fact that millions of feet of Kerite insulated cables have been installed in all types of environments, with no known failures due to weakness or insulation degradation.

Kerite’s main products are underwater medium and high voltage cables, submersible pump cables and speciality cables for cathodic protection and nuclear applications. We also offer a full suite of turnkey installation and field service capabilities through Kerite Cable Services.

Kerite manufactures underwater cables for 5kV to 138kV applications. Its insulation formula enables cables to operate in direct contact with water without the need for an impervious lead sheath or asphalt coating.
Kerite Cable Services specialises in the turnkey installation, termination and testing of medium and high-voltage underwater cables to offshore oil and gas installations.
Kerite electrical submersible pump cables are engineered for exceptional reliability in high-temperature and corrosive oil and gas well environments.
Kerite’s marine cathodic protection cables are manufactured, tested and qualified to the American Petroleum Institute’s API-17E specification. These specially designed cables are used to connect the oil platform to cathodic protection units placed on the seabed around the platform.

Medium and high voltage underwater cables

For transmission-related applications, Kerite underwater power cables are available in voltages from 5kV to 138kV. Offered with either copper or aluminum conductors, Kerite HV power cables come in a wide range of conductor sizes, materials, voltages, insulation systems, metallic shieldings and individual jacket materials.

All Kerite cables deliver superior wet performance in underwater installations. An armoured outer layer is available as an option on all Kerite cables for physical protection in underwater applications.

Kerite HV cables use proprietary Permashield® as the conductor stress control layer. This is comprehensively tested during the extrusion process to ensure that no voids or breaks are present that could result in premature cable failure. Specially formulated discharge-resistant ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation has Kerite’s exclusive electrical, mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties that guarantee a long-term field performance.

Kerite cables are superior to all other commercially available cable insulations. Unique features include corona immunity, over-voltage endurance, moisture resistance and impulse response stability. Our semi-conducting insulation shield is easily removable without heat or special tools, speeding up installation while reducing the potential to accidentally damage the cable.

Submersible pump cables

Kerite offers a range of submersible pump cables rated for 5kV, with versions specifically targeted at operating temperatures from 205°F to 450ºF. Made of a solid, uncoated copper conductor, our submersible pump cables are fitted with longitudinally-applied, rubber-backed fabric bedding tape and galvanized steel armour. Lead sheaths provide a superior barrier to the damaging effects of hydrogen sulfide and other harsh well fluids and gases.

Low and medium-temperature cables feature our proprietary polypropylene insulation with a metal deactivator and a poly-adhesive layer to the conductor. High-temperature cables feature proprietary ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) rubber insulation with a poly-adhesive layer to the conductor also.

Turnkey cable installation

Kerite Cable Services (KCS) offers expert turnkey cable installation services, giving customers a single point of contact from procurement through installation and acceptance testing. KCS meets performance objectives on every project, whatever your power cable application may be. This includes transmission cable installation, splicing and terminating, river and lake crossings, offshore oil platforms, oil refineries and underground primary cable installations.

Our years of experience working with utilities, industrial contractors, suppliers and consulting engineers provide you with the best cable designs and the most appropriate installation techniques. KCS has installed underground cables for electric utilities, industrial plants, universities and commercial and recreational developments. We have worked on projects ranging from 600V to 138kV and offer the same level of expertise and service for each one.

Our sea-based projects include submarine cables installed more than 100 years ago, including cables for the Gowanus and Panama Canals. We also install cables for today’s wind farm and island interconnects and offshore oil platforms, from the Great Lakes to the Caribbean and both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Our services include:

  • Project management
  • Site surveys
  • System layout
  • Ampacity calculations
  • Custom cable designs
  • Power cables from 600V to 138kV
  • Composite or individual fibre-optic, control or communication cables
  • Cable pulling calculations
  • Cable installation, splicing and terminating
  • System testing
  • Complete project documentation
  • Cathodic protection for in-water and underwater structures

Kerite power cables have withstood the test of time to build up an unsurpassed record in the power cable industry. Kerite products set the standard by which cables are judged.


49 Day Street
Seymour, CT, 06483
United States of America

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