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Turnkey Installation, Engineering and Support Services for Subsea Power Cables

M-TECH Offshore is a leading provider of specialist support services for the offshore sector, focusing primarily on the installation, maintenance and protection of subsea cables and pipelines.

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M-TECH Offshore is a leading provider of specialist support services for the offshore sector, focusing primarily on the installation, maintenance and protection of subsea cables and pipelines.

We also offer a versatile portfolio of turnkey planning, analysis and engineering solutions to support an extensive range of cable systems and networks, as well as expert project management, diving and transportation services in accordance with clients’ own project requirements.

Turnkey support solutions for offshore cable networks

M-TECH’s all-encompassing service offering covers the entire subsea cable lifecycle, ranging from surveying, laying and protection through to maintenance and repair works.

Our experienced team consists of specialists from across the fields of engineering, project management, naval architecture, diving and offshore field installation, all of whom possess the requisite industry knowledge to ensure all activities are carried out in a safe, quick and cost-efficient manner.

Power cable shore end landing from the Maersk Recorder in Port Gentil, Gabon. Part of the Anguille offshore field redevelopment project for Total Gabon.
SEAS Seychelles fibre optic cable landing.
Subsea trencher deployment for the GBI Iraq fibre optic cable burial, 2m trench depth.
Diving operations for fibre optic cable protection, using articulated pipes and anchor clamps in rocky areas to secure the cable on the seabed.
3.5km direct shore end cable landing, South Africa.

We have a substantial track record of completing projects with excellent results spanning more than 25 years and are committed to fast mobilisation, offering a 24-hour dispatch time for cable ship works.

Engineering and project management assistance for marine projects

M-TECH is able to provide clients with expert engineering and project management services to ensure their cable and pipeline networks are installed as easily, accurately and cost-effectively as possible.

Our in-house design engineering team offers valuable assistance with a variety of activities such as route and cable spread layout planning, risk assessment and installation evaluations, as well as in-depth structural integrity analysis of customers’ vessels and other offshore assets.

We engage in an extensive range of route preparation procedures, including meticulous seabed excavation, dredging, route clearance (RC), and boulder and cable removal works.

Our qualified personnel can also perform pre-lay grapnel runs (PLGRs) in order to clear the development route of any small undetected debris such as lost fishing nets and ropes before commencing operations to ensure smooth and hassle-free installation.

M-TECH possesses a dedicated in-house logistics team that offers effective transportation and storage solutions for marine projects. The company is able to provide a catalogue of equipment such as turntables, customisable cable tanks and cable-handling gear from its various storage areas, which are strategically placed worldwide to minimise lead-times and optimise operational efficiency.

Cable laying, installation and maintenance services for offshore platforms

M-TECH specialises in the laying, installation and servicing of a comprehensive range of marine cables, ranging from high-voltage direct current (HVDC) and alternating current (HVAC) subsea export systems to 33kV and 66kV inter-array cables to address a multitude of specifications.

Our purpose-built, dynamic positioning (DP) enabled cable-laying vessel, CLV SIA, underwent a full modernisation programme in 2010. The vessel has a proven track record of reliability and high performance across a versatile portfolio of offshore installation projects and is able to withstand the most extreme environmental conditions.

We are also well-equipped with a number of advanced cable-laying barges featuring high-powered thrusters, as well as the latest cable-laying software solutions and handling equipment to ensure installations are carried out as quickly and safely as possible.

Furthermore, M-TECH’s knowledgeable staff help clients prepare their offshore structures for installation operations and are able to carry out careful pull-in procedures to confirm the cables are properly integrated into substations and foundations.

Reliable protection and diving services for subsea cables

M-TECH offers a number of cable protection and diver-based services, including horizontal directional drilling (HDD), thorough post-lay inspection and burial (PLIB) operations and trenching activities at depths of up to 3m.

Our subsea procedures are conducted by our experienced crew using our dedicated cable-laying vessel, as well as purpose-designed burial tools and cutting-edge remotely operated vehicles (ROV) that have been developed by our engineers in close collaboration external specialists to ensure optimum accuracy and consistently accurate results.

In addition, M-TECH’s self-propelling jetting sled, S-SKAS, is regularly deployed for immediate cable burial processes and is equipped with advanced telemetry systems that are able to quickly and reliably verify the success of burial operations.

We are able to develop and manufacture bespoke articulated pipes and anchor clamps in accordance with customers’ specifications, as well as provide a range of equipment and diving services in water depths of up to 100m upon request.

Advanced inspection and survey solutions offshore pipelines

M-TECH’s expert survey engineering personnel are able to conduct a range of geophysical and geotechnical surveys in support of clients’ projects, for example:

  • Single-beam echosounder (SBES)
  • Multi-beam echosounder (MBES)
  • Side-scan sonar (SSS)
  • Sub-bottom profiler (SBP)
  • Magnetometer
  • Coring and cone penetrometer tests (CPTs)

We also perform a wide selection of environmental, topographic and scientific studies to assist in the verification of customers’ project plans, including precise seabed mapping and marine surveys in water depths of up to 7,000m when required.

The company’s versatile capabilities also extend to unexploded ordnance (UXO) investigations to ensure works are not being conducted in the vicinity of unidentified sea mines and other undesignated ordnance, in addition to a variety of Geographic information systems (GIS) and Spatial Information Management (SIM) surveys and desktop studies.

About M-TECH

Based in the seaport town of Esbjerg, Denmark, M-TECH Offshore AS was originally established in July 2016 as a joint venture (JV) company between two specialist offshore engineering and service providers, Greece-based Maritech International and Danish firm NT-Offshore, with the aim of offering reliable subsea cable solutions to clients within the marine industry.

Our team comprises a combination of key staff members from previous operations, combining NT’s long-standing expertise in the North Sea region with Maritech’s extensive experience in the provision of high-quality marine cable services and solutions.

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