Leading industrial cabling solutions provider Nexans is pleased to announce the launch its innovative FLAMEX SI-FR line of fire-resistant cable products for use in critical power and control systems throughout the rail industry.

The new cables maintain circuit integrity during a fire, enabling conductors and operators to travel out of compromising situations to safety if a fire were to break out. All FLAMEX cables also help limit the spread of potential fires and the release of harmful smoke.

FLAMEX SI-FR cables can withstand the harsh operating conditions on rolling stock such as variations in temperature, snow, rain, sunlight and heavy vibrations.

They are particularly suitable where high temperatures are required to save weight as the cables can operate at up to 170°C with a maximum operating voltage of 3kV or 6 kV.

Nexans rolling stock product manager Yannick Goutille said: "FLAMEX SI-FR meets the expectations of customers that are designing rolling stock equipments and that are handling the products."

In the rail industry, tunnels can quickly turn from transportation convenience to potentially lethal enclosures if a fire breaks out. When flames start roaring through rail cars, it is essential to maintain power and control system operation to ensure the train can continue on to a safe place.

Nexans’ FLAMEX FR cables enable the continuous flow of power needed for emergency systems to function reliably when needed most, providing improved safety for operators and fire response personnel.

Goutille noted: "Safety is a key concern for Nexans and our customers, transit authorities and manufacturers. Addressing this concern is our top priority.

"This new FLAMEX range meets the most stringent regulations in the industry while maintaining performance, and therefore safety."

In addition to being fire retardant, the new FLAMEX range of power, control and communication cables are also designed to emit low levels of smoke during fire.

The cables are compliant with EN 45545-2 requirements for the highest hazard level class, and meet fire resistance requirements laid out by EN 50200 or IEC 60331 standards. The range is also asbestos free and RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant.

Rail transportation plays an integral role in the global transportation industry with a steady growth in rail passenger transport observed between 2011 and 2015, and around 416 billion ton-kilometers traveling by train freight in Europe alone in 2015.