Nexans has launched the new MOTIONLINE® HALEX cable series, a range of halogen-free flexible automation cables for industrial applications.

In the past, operators who needed halogen-free (PVC-free) cables could only choose PUR cables, which offer outstanding mechanical performance but are significantly more expensive than PVC-sheathed cables. Nexans is now offering an alternative that not only is flexible, robust, drag-chain-capable and flame-retardant, but also entails low additional costs compared with PVC cables.

Nexans’ HALEX cables do not contain halogens and, like PUR cables, are flame-retardant. In contrast to PVC, they do not release any highly toxic or irritant gases in the event of a fire. The sheath permits small bending radii (at least two million cycles at 10xD) and is resistant to abrasion, oil and cooling lubricants.

Nexans automation product manager Philipp Teepe said: "We’re very proud of what we are able to offer with the HALEX range. The cables are ideal for meeting the demand for PVC-free cables without having to compromise on functionality. It is also helping us to meet our target of reducing environmentally harmful PVC."

Nexans offers HALEX cables in the form of drag-chain-capable sensor, servo, bus, Industrial Ethernet, energy and control cables. Like other MOTIONLINE® cables, the design of products from the HALEX series can be adapted according to customer requirements.