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In a world where the Internet, electricity and telephones are everyday necessities to billions of companies, customers and home users alike, the need for an uninterrupted high-quality service is critical.

Scapa Cable Solutions is at the forefront of modern-day cable wrapping requirements, providing high-quality cable protection for growing markets, such as fibre optic and extra-high-voltage cables. The Pro: range of tapes have been developed in conjunction with cable manufacturers and engineers around the world and have been successfully used in numerous energy, telecommunication, data transmission and subsea cable projects.

All Scapa materials are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet the high standards set by the industry, offering customers products of high quality and performance. Scapa not only provides world-class tape solutions; it also instils confidence in its customers by providing them with a service that always exceeds their expectations.

Power cable wrapping tapes

There continues to be major investment in renewable energy to supply the global electricity we need. Sun, wind and waves are all being harnessed to generate power. Simultaneously new, higher-voltage power distribution networks are being installed to more effectively manage utilisation of the energy we produce.

Scapa cable wrapping tapes have been used in many of the world’s major cable projects.
Semi-conductive tapes offer core and conductor screening.

The global drive to develop sustainable, renewable energy sources will require involvement from everyone concerned with the integration of these new power networks and Scapa is working with the industry leaders to develop new cable wrapping solutions.

No matter what length, voltage, capacity or application environment of the power cable you are producing, Scapa’s range of Pro:Power water-swellable, insulative, semi-conductive, bituminised and fire-retardant cable wrapping tapes will provide a solution that will ensure continued optimum performance through reliable protection.

Communication cable wrapping tapes

With broadband companies competing to offer increased levels of service to online businesses and home users, fibre optic cables are becoming an increasingly popular solution, providing higher speed and greater bandwidth than traditional broadband.

The size and flexibility of fibre optic cables means that protecting them against the application elements is vital, so that you can provide a high-quality, long-term service without expensive and unnecessary repairs.

Scapa’s range of Pro:Com water-swellable and fire-retardant cable wrapping tapes provide reliable protection for fibre optic, copper data and signal cables, with solutions to cover every application environment.

Safety cable wrapping tapes

Reducing smoke in the event of a fire is of paramount importance, especially in public and enclosed or underground places, while maintaining power to overhead emergency signage and lighting for as long as possible can help save lives.

Scapa’s woven glass fire-retardant tapes are zero halogen, low smoke and fume compliant (OHLSF). When a Scapa product is called upon in an emergency situation, the fact that no harmful substances have been used in their manufacture means that none are emitted into the environment.

Scapa’s Pro:Safe fire-retardant cable wrapping tapes provide a wide range of solutions for any safety cable application, offering vital protection where and when it is needed the most.

Why choose Scapa cable wrapping tapes?

Scapa offers the widest range of woven and non-woven cable wrapping tape solutions and is the perfect partner if you’re looking to reduce your supply chain. Thanks to its Pro:Safe range Scapa is a global market leader of fire-retardant tape solutions.

Scapa has over 90 years’ experience of supplying and meeting the needs of cable makers around the globe. The company’s cable sales and R&D specialists are always on hand to provide advice and support for your cable requirements.

To discuss your application requirements, please contact your nearest Scapa Cable Solutions team.

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