Spir Star China market

SPIR STAR® Druckschläuche AG orientation towards global markets at an early stage resulted in the creation of a worldwide sales network and made a major contribution to the company’s positive development.

In order to reinforce its presence on the Chinese market, SPIR STAR® Fluid Tech Co., Ltd. in Shanghai was established in July 2014.

Benefits for the local high-pressure market in China

The Chinese market is in a continuous development regarding high- tech innovations therefore, excellent products are urgently required.

Intensive cooperation with a partner which knows the local market is part of SPIR STAR® Druckschläuche AG’s corporate philosophy.

SPIR STAR® Fluid Tech Co., Ltd. in Shanghai is an authorised and certified assembly centre for the complete product range. In order to supply the local demands and requirements, the company stocks all relevant hose types.

Thanks to this effective partnership, each of the company’s customers is provided excellent service, in-depth consultation and short lead times.

SPIR STAR® Druckschläuche AG is congratulating SPIR STAR® Fluid Tech Co., Ltd. to its first-year anniversary and looks forward to a continuous excellent cooperation.