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High-Voltage Cable Jointing and Nitrogen Purging for Marine Sites

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Ward Operations is a provider of high-voltage cable jointing solutions for application in offshore and other heavy industry environments.

In addition to having more than 25 years’ experience in delivering premium-quality products and installation procedures, the company also offers a range of specialist services to help prolong and optimise the operational functionality of cable products, including nitrogen purging and subsea cable repairs.

High-voltage cable jointing for oil and gas sites

Ward Operations supplies high-voltage jointing solutions for both paper-insulated and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cables up to 132kV.

The company offers offshore cable termination units, as well as stacker / re-claimer reeling cables fitted with fibre-optic components to feed into slip ring compartments.

Ward Operations stocks a comprehensive array of joints and terminations in various sizes and voltage configurations, allowing the company to address clients’ specific needs and requirements across a versatile range of applications.

Subsea cable repairs for offshore environments

The company regularly carries out a number of specialised subsea cable joints and repair operations, due in part to the Queensland region’s prominence in the island tourism sector.

Ward Operations has been performing repairs and terminations for island feeder cables in and around the Whitsunday island vicinity for more than 30 years, including Hayman Island, Hamilton Island and South Molle Island.

This has allowed the company to accrue invaluable expertise and extensive knowledge of both the area’s unique properties and how to maximise the effectiveness of its marine operations.

Nitrogen purging services to increase cable lifespans

High-voltage cable nitrogen purging, is a unique, innovative process able to eliminate unwanted traces of moisture in XLPE-insulated conductors and cables, which has been proven to extend the service-life and functionality of such items.

This intricate, specialist service is carried out Ward Operations’ experienced team of licensed and highly trained cable jointers, and involves the introduction of 99% pure dry nitrogen with a dew point of roughly -80°C through cable fillers and conductors via carefully designated entry points.

Nitrogen purging is a meticulous process that may take several days of continuous operation to complete, and as such the company conducts the services on a job-by-job basis to ensure clients are given optimum consideration attention to detail.

Cables that have undergone nitrogen purging treatment have seen a dramatic improvement to insulation resistance (IR) and total acid number (TAN) test results, as well as enhanced performance and serviceability.

About Ward Operations

Ward Operations’ dedicated team of cable experts are Raychem, ABB and Siemens certified up to 132kV, and is equipped with the latest repair and termination technologies, in addition a modern, fully compliant fleet of vehicles.

The company’s personnel continuously undergo training to improve their skills to ensure all work is carried out meets the highest industrial standards. Staff are certified and experienced in working with a wide range of products in diverse environments.

Ward Operations has overseen and implemented a number of major heavy industry-based cable jointing projects both in Australia and overseas, working and building business relationships with such prominent organisations as BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Rio Tinto.

Ward Operations

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