Offshore oil and gas operators experience, on average, a loss of $49m annually due to unplanned downtime.

With 24/7 access to accurate engineering documentation, oil and gas companies can maintain their equipment and assets better to maximize their uptime. Accruent’s engineering information management solution establishes a centralized, secure, scalable, highly accessible repository for all engineering documentation.

Our solution helps oil and gas companies increase security and overall quality of their mission-critical documents by
managing their increasingly complex CAD documents and ensuring compliance with standard internal procedures. Accruent helps oil & gas companies like Shell, Total, Bluewater and many more run their refineries, oil rigs, and pipelines efficiently, safely, sustainably, and profitably.

Connect maintenance and engineering

Reduce work order prep time by ensuring your maintenance team has access to the most current engineering information and can transition annotation and photos automatically for engineers for revisions

Accruent offers a comprehensive integrated solution built specifically for the oil and gas industry.
Gain anywhere access to search view and add comments to information through your mobile phones or tablets.
Empower your asset information with the speed, agility, and affordability of Meridian as a secure Cloud service platform.
Enhance asset management and performance throughout the asset lifecycle with support for concurrent engineering and regulatory compliance.
Enrich your asset information platform with advanced capabilities and integrations through this on-premise server.
Users gain full control to modify and create engineering information in a controlled project environment.
Meridian Portal provides project collaboration in the Cloud.
Seamlessly connect maintenance, operations, engineering, and external contractors throughout the asset lifecycle.

Standardization and collaboration

Ensure fulfillment of document standards processes showing how oil & gas companies describe, structure, exchange, and maintain information by classifying asset and document data according to standards

Regulatory compliance

Enable compliance with global, local, and industry-specific regulations to help ensure employee and plant safety, avoid costly fines, and increase product quality

Concurrent engineering

Track all documents to ensure projects run in parallel, without error, which provides users real-time visibility to monitor revisions from different projects and ongoing maintenance. Project members associated with the same documents and drawings are notified automatically when a parallel project releases updated documents, avoiding unnecessary delays and shortening project turnaround times.

Manage all mission-critical document types

Accruent offers a full CAD-platform independent solution for engineering drawing management where users can easily store, manage, render, and visualize both 2D and 3D content from major CAD systems.

Organizations keep their master data up-to-date while organizing their change processes in isolated work areas with workflows, data validation and providing a full audit trail for regulatory compliance. Users can also manage Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, scanned images, and hybrid files, allowing our solution to be the ultimate repository for consolidating all legacy and project related engineering information.

Document and drawing management

Provides version control, revision management, and document workflows in a safe & secure environment so users can be confident that they are working on the most up-to-date documentation.

Standard integrations

Enhances efficiency by providing integrations to EAM, ERP, ECM, Microsoft Office, and CAD authoring applications, making it the ultimate repository for consolidating documentation.

Engineering workflows

Establishes control of engineering data changes, safeguarding accurate review and approval steps for effective change control and ensuring safety and compliance

Asset tag/document relationships

Provides robust search capabilities and ties documents to asset tags so users can locate documents hassle-free, allowing for maximum visibility, so nothing is overlooked during turnaround and corrective actions.

Engineering transmittals

Seamlessly create, handle, and send transmittals and easily route submitted documents through the appropriate review and approval process for maximum security and visibility.

Accruent’s solution helps make a connected asset lifecycle a reality. Unlike departmental point solutions that are restricted in scope, Accruent’s Meridian provides a comprehensive solution for managing concurrent plant modifications of all scales, and maintaining as-built master data for operations and maintenance departments. We’re dedicated to helping your organization stay in control, compliant, aligned, and informed to avoid plant stoppages before they occur.