ASSAI delivers document control for engineering projects. Its document distribution module supports your tracking and tracing requirements. The transmittal-based workflow system gives you the necessary extensive control.

Online collaboration and web-based redlining ensure short and controlled distribution cycles. Document reports, distribution reports, statistical reports and KPIs ensure you and your management are always in control.

Document search – project taxonomy and asset structure

Drill down options on project taxonomy (discipline – document type), asset structure and 3D graphical model guarantee document availability and accessibility. The web-interface has a parameter-based search facility, with direct links to your documents. ASSAI-PDC has interfaces with EMC-Documentum, Sharepoint and Livelink.

An extensive list of reports supports all possible reporting requirements, varying from document lists to outstanding and late reports.

Professional Document Control is a major contributor in delivering projects on time and within budget.
Professional Document Control helps meet quality requirements for demanding project environments.
Internet-based document control tool ASSAINET provides worldwide document access and online collaboration.
Integrated lifecycle management starts with high quality document control.
Transmittal-based distribution is the proven standard in the oil and gas industry for controlling document flow.


Subscribing to ASSAINET offers you the full functionality of ASSAI on the internet. Your information is available, controlled, anytime or anywhere worldwide. You do not need to set up your own hardware and software environment. The system is directly available from the moment you decide to use ASSAINET.


The correspondence module offers full control on incoming and outgoing correspondence. The module stores all correspondence types, including faxes and emails. The correspondence system is seamlessly integrated with the workflow module. Dedicated reports and web-based search facilities ensure control and availability.

Technical queries

A dedicated module helps control your technical queries. The work flow module supports the processing of registered queries. The web-based publishing of technical queries and related answers improves the communication with third parties.

Planning systems – P3 and MS-projects

ASSAI offers planning and progress on documents, document revisions, equipment, document packages and document milestones. Planning and progress information can be automatically exchanged with planning systems as P3 and MS-Projects.

Next ASSAI offers support for typical processes as ‘planned documents’ or ‘pre-loaded documents’.

Integrated lifecycle management (ILM)

ASSAI covers the full project life cycle starting at the feed phase to the operational phase. ASSAI truly offers integrated lifecycle management (ILM). ASSAI controlled input and query facilities enable your organisation to retrieve data from other applications used in the asset life cycle. ASSAI ensures high-quality data, in whatever system the data is stored. ASSAI guarantees a smooth transfer between the different stages in the asset life cycle.

Oil and gas standards

ASSAI is originally developed for the North Sea oil industry. The standards that were developed here are spreading across the world and are adopted by major projects worldwide. ASSAI is an out-of-the-box solution supporting these standards and giving you full project document control.