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Satellites and Telecommunication Networks for Maritime Vessels

Bampro supplies innovative maritime electronics systems for offshore platforms.


Bampro supplies innovative maritime electronics systems for offshore platforms.

VSAT and TVRO satellites for offshore environments

Manufactured by Sailor, Bampro supplies and installs Ka-Band, Ku-Band and C-Band very small aperture terminal (VSAT) antennas in a wide range of sizes.

VSAT systems support high-speed data, internet, streaming and voiceover internet protocol (VoIP) telephony communication, while SeaTel television receive-only (TVRO) systems support HD TV reception.

Bampro also offers SeaTel Ku Band and C-Band TVRO antennas. If required, the company also supplies other brands.

Bampro supplies and performs installations of SeaTel television receive-only (TVRO) systems.
The company offers various very small aperture terminal (VSAT) satellites for offshore vessels.
The Iridium Pilot satellite network provides consistent data and voice services worldwide.
A telecommunications network between Bampro and MTN Communications offers high levels of data connectivity.
The company’s BIIS system provides crews with high-quality radio, film and TV.

Data communication satellite networks

Bampro supplies two different satellite networks that provide worldwide coverage.

Both feature compact antennas, which are suitable for all types of vessel. They are easy to install and offer a wide range of features, such as email, fax, internet, telephone and other data communication, including virtual private networks (VPN).

Based on the Inmarsat network, FleetBroadband (FBB) is an innovate global maritime satellite data and voice communication network, while the Iridium Pilot offers reliable global data and voice services.

The 66 satellites of the Iridium network circle the Earth in multiple orbits, which allows for reliable communications worldwide.

CCTV systems for on-board monitoring

Bampro’s closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and monitoring systems provide added value for on-board operations.

Suitable for monitoring anchor winches, engine rooms and crew, a CCTV system allows the operator to oversee all operations and create a safer work environment.

Bampro supplies and installs CCTV systems by various manufacturers, such as Orlaco, Freight Transport Assocation (FTA), and Bosch.

Data connectivity during maritime operations

In order to meet the increasing demand for connectivity at sea, Bampro has collaborated with MTN Satellite Communications to create a reliable connection for email, internet, voice-over internet protocol (VoIP), streaming, and remote monitoring of onboard equipment.

MTN’s extensive global satellite network ensures high-quality connectivity, while the bandwidth offered by Bampro will enhance the crew’s on-board comfort. This enables clients to keep customers or suppliers up-to-date with progress, and helps maintain the efficient running of operations.

Entertainment systems for maritime crews

The Bampro BIIS system allows on-board crew to enjoy digital radio and TV with high levels of sound and image quality.

The BIIS system also supplies guests and crew with access to a library of films and music on board.

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