BCom Solutions

BCom provides high-end seamless communication equipment -certified for hazardous areas. The company integrates its own ATEX, IECEx and CSA-certified equipment with commercially available technology to build solutions that reduce risk and downtime, while increasing safety and operational excellence.

The BCom mobile smart worker concept

BCom developed the mobile smart worker (MSW) concept to change the way of working in hazardous areas, such as explosive atmospheres. Instead of using many autonomous EX-certified products and systems, all sensors and tools are now linked to a single smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The smartphone is the cornerstone of modern Zone 1 maintenance operations, serving as a communication hub for real-time measurements and working instructions.

The ATEX, IECEx and CSA-certified smartphone by BCom replaces many standalone systems.
BCom Rough Pro is a new innovative brand of smartphones and tablets, which are designed for hazardous environments.
BCom Sentinel supplies real-time remote gas detection, HD video conferencing and emergency response.
SpecCam is a small, lightweight, explosion-proof dome camera for Zone 1 (ATEX, IECEx, CSA) environments.
BCom is a distributor of Moflash signalling equipment.

MSW lowers the cost of ownership by reducing the number of devices required, as the smartphone itself replaces various systems such as Porto phones, man-down detectors and measurement tools.

ATEX, IECEx and CSA-certified smartphones

BCom has developed a 4.5in, dual-sim and waterproof smartphone for ATEX, IECEx and CSA Zone 1 explosive atmospheres, the EX-SM14. Its slim design and modern features make it ideal for applications in hazardous areas.

The EX-SM14 enables workers to have up-to-date work instructions, standard operating procedures, checklists and drawings readily available whenever they need them. They can go directly from one job to another, entering progress and measurements immediately into a central system, thereby increasing operational efficiency, quality and safety.

Smart mobility solutions

The computing power of the EX-SM14, combined with its array of sensors, enables intelligent mobility solutions in explosive atmospheres. BCom Sentinel ensures that workers are supported in the field with high-definition (HD), two-way video, as if they are in the office. Meanwhile, its lone worker protection (LWP) functions provide constant and reliable man-down detection.

This system can be expanded with MSA’s portable gas detector to protect against gas hazards. Real-time gas measurements are relayed back to the office so the workers can be directed away from hazards. The emergency response team is aware of potential hazards, so they can accordingly respond to emergencies.

Explosion-proof camera solutions for ATEX and IECEx environments

Spectrum Camera Solutions and BCom have developed camera solutions for Zone 1 explosive atmospheres that address size and weight, which are the two common problems with explosive-proof (Exd) equipment.

The enclosures are very small, just big enough to house the HD cameras and heating to counter damp and cold environments. An easily accessible connector box simplifies installation in the field.

Only one UTP cable takes care of power, video and temperature control. Installing an HD Exd camera in an explosive atmosphere has never been easier.

About BCom

BCom is an innovative company providing brand new products and concepts. With Moflash, BCom brings high-quality components such as beacons, sounders and call points to the marketplace at competitive prices.