CT Systems has officially released its world-first true-all-in-one GeoDredge dredging computer. GeoDredge houses all necessary components in a rugged and compact housing, offering maximum user friendliness.

GeoDredge acts as a hardware platform for the tried and tested Viking software. With the combination of the renowned user friendliness of the Viking Software, and the installation and maintenance simplicity of GeoDredge CT Systems offers a revolutionary total-solution package. The goal of CT Systems is that virtually any operator will be able to operate the system without any prior extensive training.

With the advent of GeoDredge it is no longer necessary to install separate components resulting in bulky installations with ensuing cable chaos. GeoDredge utilises an internal industrial computer, fully featured (RTK/DGPS) GNSS receiver, UHF communication, industrial GSM/UMTS modem, sensor interfacing and all power distribution. Due to meticulous design of GeoDredge’s internal interfacing virtually all major GNSS manufacturers are supported on direct OEM level.

GeoDredge is targeted at dredging machines and vessels where installation room is limited and ease of use of the monitoring equipment is required. While initially built for hydraulic dredge excavators, the system soon after expanded to also actively support machines such as grab dredgers and cutter-suction dredgers.

GeoDredge is fully conceived, developed and built in-house by CT Systems, enabling them to offer full after sales support. Being a total solution provider CT Systems can also fulfil complete installations of a GeoDredge system, including all sensors, wiring, calibrations and project preparations.