After many years of development CT Systems has released a completely renewed version of their Viking navigation software. The new version is targeted for use in all professional maritime areas where accurate positioning and navigation is demanded.

The most important innovations in the new version are the renewed user interface, support for CAD, ASCII and Excel files, local chart projections, and the worldwide navigation charts database from Navionics.

One of the main objectives during the development of the new Viking software was, and still is, is user friendliness. Despite the fact that the internal workings of Viking are highly complex, the software itself remains very easy to use.

Extended functionality with new modules

Viking is available in multiple versions, including a lightweight version providing the basic necessities and an offline version for the preparation of maps and projects.

Also new to Viking is the modules interface, which enables the programme to gain specific functionality. The Anchoring Module, for example, has been developed for, and in cooperation with, several large offshore companies for the planning and executing of complex anchoring plans. In addition the Gridding Module enables dredging vessels to accurately deposit stones on the sea floor.

CT Systems is an innovative company highly experienced in every professional maritime sector, situated on a central location along the Dutch coast line, nearby Den Helder, the Capital of the North Sea. Our main activities are the development and installation of hardware and software for use in the offshore, commercial fishing, survey, maritime construction and dredging sectors. CT Systems also provides related services, such as the pre- and post processing of data for on and offshore projects and performs hydrographic surveys.