Dimeq develops innovative digital health, safety and environment (HSE) solutions for the offshore maritime industry.

The breakthrough technology provides real-time positioning of personnel on offshore vessels, ensuring a safer, more secure and more reliable environment for maritime crew.

As one of the most adaptable and integratable systems on the market, Dimeq’s digitalised HSE solutions are IPR protected, as well as being the smallest wristband with the smallest generated data package for a high-level position system available.

Digital muster stations for the offshore industry

Dimeq’s EyeD-1 system is designed to provide reliable real-time information on mustered crew members. The system instantly counts personnel as they approach the muster station area, with no limitation on the number of users that the technology can monitor.

Dimeq develops innovative technology for use on offshore vessels and platforms.
The EyeD system counts personnel within set muster stations.
The lightweight wristband features a Bluetooth integrated chip.

For large-scale offshore platforms and vessels, reliable and speedy counting is essential for effective operations. Whereas with manual counting this can take several hours, digital muster station technology can be achieved within minutes.

Automated counting of crew boarding offshore vessels

Offshore vessels with a large crew will require vast numbers of registration for personnel boarding and off-boarding. Dimeq offers an automated system, which eliminates the need to stop, check and register passengers manually.

The automated registration system works by linking the EyeD-1 wristband with a user profile, which is detected by sensors aboard the vessel. Registration station and position is then edited accordingly and can be viewed from a tablet or bridge screen.

Man-over-board detection for offshore platforms

Dimeq’s EyeD system instantly notifies the bridge and on-duty officers of man-over-board incidents. The real-time positioning technology means that rescue steps can be taken immediately, significantly increasing the safety of offshore operations and saving lives.

Emergency alarms for offshore muster stations

In addition to counting personnel, emergencies onboard can be monitored and digital support will then be provided. Outside of the muster station, specialised teams and operations can be identified for monitoring, such as fire teams who can be communicated with and provided with data in regards to fire location and type.

In the case of communication black-outs, the systems can display last known locations and upload real-time information to the servers UPS system.

Data transactions and system integration for offshore vessels

The user-friendly lightweight wristband also functions as a payment and data transaction device, which is secure and safe to use. It can easily be integrated with any on-board systems.

The wristband also has a key functionality, providing secure access to restricted areas on offshore platforms and vessels.

The EyeD system features a Bluetooth chip integrated with near-field communication (NFC) and can work in conjunction with existing people on board (POB) registration systems.

Clients can choose a basic solution or build a package for an enhanced HSE and user solution. Fill out the enquiry form on this page for more information.