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ecom instruments

Explosion-Proof and Intrinsically Safe Communication Equipment

Your safety is our main priority.

Industriestrasse 2,
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Your safety is our main priority.

With this philosophy in mind, ecom instruments provides explosion-proof and market-leading equipment in the field of intrinsically safe mobile appliances, including our specially produced explosion-proof cell phone and equipment for use in hazardous areas. A number of esteemed companies from all over the world belong to our customer base – including pharmaceutical, mining and petrochemical industries, to name a few.

Mobile computing with intrinsically safe, rugged pocket-PCs and laptops

The industrial use of portable computers has become increasingly important during the last few years. Mobile computers are already an integral part of any industrial sector. Whether in warehouse logistics, process automation or for use as a service computer in the field, we offer the safety and mobility for your regular work routine. With our intrinsically safe mobile devices you can work on site and you are able to transmit the data via wireless connection directly to the control centre.

Communication in Ex-hazardous areas

Our mission: your safety.

It is not a secret: safe communication is most important in Ex-hazardous areas. With our intrinsically safe mobile phones, especially our new series, you are not only permanently available – the added value of the ‘personal emergency call system’ is obvious. In case of an emergency, this innovative feature can be of a quickly and targeted assistance – and therefore can safe your life.

Measurement and calibration instruments

Important readings must be recorded in your system and field devices must be calibrated.

With our intrinsically safe mobile measurement and calibration instruments, this is possible in a safe and precise manner.

Portable safe and bright lighting

Intrinsically safe extremely bright lights provide you with safety and help you focusing on the tasks that have to be done. With our new Lite-Ex PL 10, we have designed an extremely bright, compact and handy companion. This lamp is both lightweight and durable and provides you with light for a long time. Particularly in confined spaces it’s within convenient reach all the time.

Ruggedised devices for hazardous areas

Work in hazardous areas requires the highest level of safety and the most durable of rugged communication devices. That’s why there is a high sense of responsibility from the workers, and reliability of their technical equipment, including rugged notebook laptop computers and cell phones, is of the utmost importance.

To avoid accidents, we are continuously developing new state-of-the-art communications products. Our engineering team uses the knowledge of more than 20 years’ experience in explosion protection to offer safe, reliable, durable ruggedised computers and cell phones that will uphold in even the most extreme, rugged conditions.

Our ruggedised computers and cell phones will keep you in the loop with extreme communications, while providing you with specially engineered ruggedised notebook laptop computers and cell phones that are built with safety in mind.

We are your partner when it comes to your safety.

ecom instruments GmbH

Industriestrasse 2

Assamstadt 97959