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Integrated QHSE Risk and Compliance Management System Software

Integrum Management Systems (IMS) has been providing world class integrated management systems solutions since 1996.


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Integrum Management Systems (IMS) has been providing world class integrated management systems solutions since 1996.

With its products now used in more than 40 countries and in excess of 200,000 licensed users across all industry sectors, the integrum system contains in a single application all the functions required for a fully integrated management system.

Traditionally used for quality, health, safety, environment, risk and compliance management systems, integrum software is now recognised as a full business optimisation solution, providing organisations large and small with a broad suite of functions to achieve business efficiencies, accelerate growth and improve their bottom line.

IMS offers a global support team providing a wealth of experience in assisting organisations with the changing management challenges of introducing new electronic management systems.

Web-enabled QHSE risk and compliance management system

As a comprehensive QHSE risk and compliance management system in one application, integrum incorporates incident management, auditing, NCR management and controlled document management, risk management planning, closed-loop CARs, stakeholder management, asset management, training management and business intelligence reporting.

The open and flexible software platform offers easy integration with existing applications and systems, and user-definable templates allow organisations to easily tailor the system to their requirements with no need for software hard-coding or costly implementation consulting. integrum is web browser-based and can work offline on Windows-based devices, and also offers a range of companion apps, for iOS, Android and HTML5.

Incident management, investigation, CARs and actions: flexible e-form builder

The integrum system has the following features for incident management and action processes:

  • e-form builder: turns paper forms into e-forms within minutes, without the need for software developers or IT department input; flexible workflow determined by your business rules
  • Status tracking and control: cannot close incidents or occurrences until all actions are completed; "my actions" and personal "to-do" lists
  • Automatic reminders and notifications via your internal email system to send notifications, reminders and escalations, as well as subscriptions to reports; your regular reports in your inbox automatically
  • Built-in investigation methodologies (PEEPO, 5Y and ICAM)

Risk assessment and control

User-definable "drag and drop" risk templates, risk matrices, user-definable terminology, weightings and categories, for all risk appetites. Assign risk control actions / treatments to control owners with workflow.

integrum’s live risk registers in real-time with the status of controls linked to actions-controlled documents with automated reminders, reviews and escalations via email.

With integrum, users can track completion of controls and actions, automate monthly KPI and KRI reporting, and raise risk assessments from incidents, audits and other triggers.

Inspection, observations and audit system

The integrum system has flexible user-defined templates, creating inspection checklists, observation cards and audit processes commonly used in a range of industry sectors. Track non-conformances and actions from inspections, observation cards, audits and automatic notifications via email to responsible managers, automated live registers, statistics and YTD rolling counts.

Controlled document management

integrum provides a robust system of versions control and archive management for controlled documents, which makes it ideal for policies, procedures, work instructions, legal and other requirements, manuals, forms, wikis and blogs. The system also has powerful search and filter engines.

Contractor and supplier management

Use integrum to manage contractors, checklists, compliance, inductions and non-conformances. integrum contactor portal allows contractors and suppliers to directly upload documents, insurances and forms, as well as manage assigned actions.

Training and eLearning system

integrum contains a full eLearning system to create online courses, inductions, competency assessments and exams, all integrated with employee and contractor records.

Employees and HR management tools

integrum provides the ability to manage employee records (training, qualifications, medical records, injury management and RTW), claims management and performance reviews.

Compliance management

The system enables management of legal registers, permits, licences, MSDS and OSHA 300 logs, as well as reminders and reviews linked to associated procedures and risks.

Asset management / maintenance

integrum contains plant and equipment registers with maintenance and calibration schedules with the ability to link to employee’s records (tracking assets) and set corrective actions.

Meeting management

The integrum system provides the ability to track agendas, minutes and attendees, as well as the ability to raise actions from meetings.

Business intelligence reporting system

Rich business intelligence functionality is deeply embedded and seamlessly integrated within the integrum system, providing a full range of rich reporting templates to create and generate real-time reports, graphs, tables and dashboards from any data set.

Business intelligence reporting includes easy-to-create "drag and drop" dashboards and statistical KPI reporting; automate monthly KPI reporting, enormous ROI on management time and cost savings.

The integrum BI app for iOS and Android allows access to all your reports and dashboards offline.

integrum conforms to ISO 14001, 9001, OSHAS 180010, A/NZS 4801, ISO 31000, OGP, COSO and other international standards, and is available in multiple language packs. integrum is offered as either a cloud-based (hosted) system or as an in-house system and full implementation assistance is offered by our experienced global team.

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