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Delivers Guaranteed Access to Information Across Challenging and Unreliable Networks

iOra Software delivers replication and compression software to organisations with operatives working outside of the corporate network but with a need to know essential information in remote and mobile locations.


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"The more information you can make available offshore the better." (Senior Manager, Oil & Gas)

iOra Software delivers replication and compression software to organisations with operatives working outside of the corporate network, but who need to know essential information in remote and mobile locations. Our technologies are in use by Shell, Marathon Petroleum, Regs4Ships, as well as many defence forces throughout the world, such as the US Navy and US Marine Corps.

Our solutions are proven to replicate and compress files across bandwidths as low as 2kbps and ensure that operatives working offshore always have the latest information and data to hand regardless of network lag.

Working at the edge of the network (where the high-speed Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) ends and network connectivity is provided by the wireless networking alternatives (Satellite, RF, Wi-Fi, GSM)) applications designed and deployed for mainstream LAN and WAN networks struggle to operate in any usable format. The data that can be transmitted is constrained by the network bandwidth and latency. The incremental cost of operation is often prohibitive, making certain operations commercially infeasible.

Access to online portals for oil rigs that doesn't eat all the available bandwidth.
Oil production rig access to essential documents at sea.
Onshore oil and gas exploration collaboration with partners through shared portal of protected information.
Oil rig support ship in constant communication with rig and shore despite limited network access.
Emergency response: access to up-to-date plans on-site and for first responders through a virtualised portal.

iOra has developed a portfolio of patented replication technologies that work with Microsoft SharePoint, Lotus Notes and other platforms. This portfolio ensures that all users irrespective of location have the same experience when accessing enterprise content.

Immediate access to Emergency Response Plans

When major incidents occur, the communications system is often the first casualty. With communications to the outside world cut off, vital decisions need to be taken by the field crew.

What is the extent of the damage and what is the nature of the ongoing hazard? Where might the incident spread to, what is in its path and what further damage might result? What emergency tools and resources are to hand? Where are key pumps and valves located? How can the flow of hazardous fluids to the seat of the incident be turned off?

There is a need to locate the Emergency Response Plans quickly and know for sure that they are the most recent plans.

iOra enables dynamic Emergency Response Plans to be synchronized across consortia members, remote field locations and key field workers. Satellite bandwidth is used more efficiently and users have fast access to data, even when communications are lost.

Proven with Shell, US Navy, US Marine Corps, Marathon and others, iOra’s solution can often reduce the size of update files by more than 300:1, making network solutions over satellite and other wireless links both possible and affordable when other solutions fail. Associated data costs are reduced and bandwidth is freed up for other applications, increasing the efficiency of the satellite link.

Reducing risk and business exposure

The changing regulatory environment is having major ongoing impacts on how organisations interact with employees and consortia members. There is an increasing need for rigour and greater governance, particularly on systems that support collaboration and information for regulatory, SEMS and engineering data systems.

Size and complexity of documents, as well as the network availability to be able to send a regulatory amendment to, say, a ship or rig in the middle of an ocean, makes for a unique set of business problems that need to be solved.

iOra’s solutions provide replication and virtualization of the documents and are proven to deliver critical communications in networks as low as 2kbps. iOra Geo-Replicator enables compliance where alternative solutions fail.

  • At the Network Edge: iOra is able to replicate ‘big data’ over slow and intermittent networks.
  • At the Corporate Edge: iOra enables consortia members to publish critical information for operational, risk management, health, safety, environmental and quality to appropriate consortia partners.

iOra keeps oil and gas workers connected around the world through the synchronization of ‘big data’ files with remote servers located on rigs, ships or remote field offices, mitigating bandwidth constraints and maximising the efficiency of costly satellite communications.

iOra provides upstream oil and gas companies a solution to ensure the right information is in the right place at the right time over challenging networks.

White Papers

  • Case Study: Regs4ships

    Regs4ships Ltd specialises in the provision of digital regulations, technical information and IMO material to ships and shore infrastructure.

  • Case Study: Shell Group

    The Shell International Trading and Shipping Company Limited (STASCO) manages the trading and shipping activities for all of Shell's products, operating a large fleet of tankers, as well as chartering vessels.

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Products & services

  • Epsilon

    Epsilon is the patented iOra compression engine that is the core component of efficient replication operations.

  • iOra Edge

    iOra Edge provides a diagnostic user interface to support the operational deployment of iOra technology.

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