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Public Address and General Alarm (PAGA) Systems for Oil and Gas Industries

PB 2151, Verkstedveien 2B, Kristiansund, 6517, Norway

Nor Electronics provides the oil and gas industries with telecommunications solutions, products, sales and services, with a particular focus on PAGA systems. Nor is BOSCH certified and has provided PAGA systems to some of the largest installations in the world.

PAGA systems for oil and gas structures

Nor Electronics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of public address and general alarm systems for the oil and gas industries. We supply complete turn-key PAGA systems, including design, assembly to project specifications, installation and commissioning. We also stock supplementary field and central products like loud speakers and acoustic hoods.

All of our PAGA systems are completely digital to update and support various systems, and no rewiring or hardware changes are needed to make adjustments. Our team of experienced personnel are also available for on-site maintenance and tests.

Based on demand, we offer a customer training service for all NOR PAGA systems. Each training session lasts approximately two days, and incorporates the basic knowledge for normal maintenance and troubleshooting related to the customer’s design.

To ensure the sound quality and installation of systems, NOR also provides STIPA sound coverage assessment on-site at projects. This service is essential for many documentation records, and includes speech intelligibility and voice/sound levels.

Radio communications for ships, helicopters, and other offshore transport

Nor Electronics provides custom-made global maritime distress and safety systems (GMDSS) and radio systems in addition to standard models that adhere to mandatory regulations, and can tailor-make consoles to accommodate any room layout.

We also stock radio switch systems for plants, vessels, offshore platforms and consoles that can control a range of communication equipment, including:

  • Maritime VHF
  • Aeronautical VHF
  • Analogue or digital (Tetra) UHF
  • Telephone system
  • Intercom system
  • PAGA system
  • Recorder system
  • Satcom systems

The radio switch system contains a fully-configurable touch-screen multi-operator panel to improve ease of operability for personnel.

UHF radio systems are used for industrial, commercial and military purposes around the world. Nor Electronics provides complete turn-key solutions for analog and trunk systems, or to Tetra standard, and can additionally aid in the modification and customisation of systems at any stage in the process. Every complete system comes with an exhaustive paperwork package according to a client’s requirements.

Entertainment and telephone systems for oil and gas industries

Nor Electronics has supplied entertainment systems to oil and gas companies around the world. Our systems are assembled to provide clients with a high quality and comprehensive list of services for above and below deck entertainment requirements. A typical entertainment system from Nor contains:

  • Above deck equipment (ADE) with a Ku TVRO antenna
  • Below deck equipment (BDE) comprises one central rack housing antenna controller, switches, splitters, amplifiers, format converters and modulators, DVD/VCR player and shelves for customer-supplied satellite tuners
  • Interface from Gyro (NMEA heading for DAC) and PAGA (mute signal)

We supply Alcatel Omni PCX PABX systems that carry a DNV certificate for IMO compliance to clients in the oil and gas industries. Each system arrives in a standard cabinet with a main distribution frame (MDF) for field telephones cables and patch panels for structured cabling systems, and can be delivered through analog, IP or digital telephones.

Engineering and technical support for oil and gas industries

For years, we have supplied some of the biggest companies in the oil, gas and offshore industries with communication systems for their structures and transport. This knowledge and experience enables us to provide clients with a comprehensive list of engineering and documentation services that range from the initial concept to operation.

Systems never break at the convenience of the user, which is why we offer our clients a 24/7 technical support telephone and spare part stock service for all of their communication system needs. Our engineers are always on hand to contact clients in an efficient manner, and if a system requires in-depth repairs, our dedicated, fully-equipped electronics workshop can quickly have it running again.

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