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Engineering Document Management System

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Software Innovation has years of experience within the oil and gas industry and we understand our clients’ needs and requirements. That is why we developed ProArc, which is a proven, industry-standard business solution designed for technical document control and management, handover and long-term maintenance for small and large capital projects.

ProArc has been on the market for 20 years, and is used by large businesses worldwide.

Business efficiency management tools

ProArc is a strategic business solution that helps our clients work more efficiently by offering a holistic, off-the-shelf industry standard.

Bid Room and Supplier Room are modules designed specifically to improve communication in a typical engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) project.
ProArc can be implemented in a number of industries, such as building and construction, infrastructure, large onshore projects, shipping and energy.
By integrating optional modules, ProArc can be customised depending on the client’s requirements.
ProArc leads to a shorter project turnaround time with fewer resources. It also complies with national and international standards for document and records management.
The ProArc Mobile app gives clients direct access to valuable technical documents and files when they are on the move.

By prioritising client participation and involving them early in the design phase of a project, ProArc is guaranteed to comply with customer demands and industry trends. With notable features such as efficiency, standardisation, document control and delivery management, ProArc is a key addition for a successful project.

The system gives clients total control over all aspects of their projects, from planning, engineering and construction, to operation and maintenance.

While complying with international standards, market demands and legal requirements, ProArc also achieves increased productivity, improved overview and information sharing, as well as reduced costs and risk.

Document, delivery and process management

Based on more than 20 years of development and expertise, ProArc is a cost-efficient, low-risk industry solution.

It performs a wide variety of tasks, ranging from the management of documentation and standard compliance records, to interface customisation, file archiving and designing company workflows.

Integrations and add-ons

In addition to all standard management document functionalities, there are several ad-ons to choose from, such as:

  • PDF converter
  • Autocad integration
  • Document organizer
  • Import and export server
  • Electronic signature
  • API’s
  • Bid room
  • Supplier room

Client testimonials

Construction firm Apply Sørco put Software Innovation’s ProArc tool at the centre of their projects with its built-in quality assurance in the company workflows and automated progress reporting.

Apply Sørco digital rights management (DRM) discipline lead Beate Deak says: "ProArc is the very core of our projects.

"Along with the engineering database, this is the crucial link in all our projects."

Norwegian technology company Kongsberg Maritime implemented ProArc into their system and project manager Ole Lindseth remarked: "ProArc has made the employees’ workday a lot simpler.

"The internal control of documentation and progress has improved immensely and customers are delighted to receive updated, professional reports instead of Excel spreadsheets."

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