Sam Networks is a connectivity solutions provider for the oil and gas industry. We provide various connectivity systems for head offices and remote locations. Shared and dedicated VSAT links are provided, serving Ka-Band, Ku-Band and C-Band links. All services can be tailored and customised based on client requirements.

Connectivity systems for the offshore industry

In addition to VSAT links, Sam Networks offers its own network appliance, which serves as firewall, internet gateway, router and virtual private network (VPN), with many extra options. All devices are built to industry standards and backed by Sam Networks’ three-year warranty.

Our speciality VPN solutions can interconnect branches with head office. We design and customise this interconnection to make it reliable and cost-effective. VPN options include gateway-to-gateway mode and client-to-gateway mode.

Sam Networks also provides mobile VSAT vehicles and VSAT for the marine industry, as well as various NAS storage solutions. Feel free to contact us for any IT or connectivity solutions.

x86 rackmount.

All-in-one network appliance

Sam Networks offers a new generation of network appliances, delivering great performance and high security. While ensuring internet connectivity, our hardware uses state-of-the-art VPN technology to connect your branches to head office, making your IT operations simple and secure.

Regardless of your market sector, all businesses require internet and it’s no longer an option to accept internet downtime. That’s why we have designed our solution to suit your high-availability requirements. We combine hardware with services to build a unique network for each business.

Our solution is designed with no vendor lock-in or usage licenses. With today’s low-cost internet connections, our solution can group two or more internet connections together to achieve the best performance.

Advanced connectivity systems

Today’s businesses require more advanced connectivity that cannot be provided by the same old routers. These old routers consume time to just keep them running, still require a specialist network engineer to troubleshoot and don’t have extra security features for protection.

We have studied all limitations of legacy systems and solved these issues with our new solutions, which feature the following benefits:

  • Future internet technologies
  • Easy to manage and configure
  • Unlimited users license
  • Design for performance
  • Built-in monitor for usage

Our solutions are flexible and can integrate into the current environment or stand on their own. Contact us for more information.

High-availability, high-security internet solutions

Sam Network’s all-in-one network appliances offer multiple internet connections to boost your speed, all connected to our unique appliance. Two internet lines are better than one, ensuring that internet is always available, with high availability and no downtime.

The high-security mode keeps all intruders away from your local business network and records any strange activities.

The system is suitable for connecting head office to all branches, whether inter-city, national or even international branches. It includes a live internet usage monitor with a resource monitor for hardware usage, network usage and internet usage. All solutions support future technologies, such as IPv6, cloud configuration backup, VLAN, full dynamic DNS and captive portals.

Many plug-ins and add-on packages can be included to add extra functionality to the appliance, such as proxy, cache and gateway filter. The system can also maintain internet access policies for businesses, so you can restrict internet access for individual employees.

Further advantages include:

  • Always on without downtime
  • Built-in VPN with great security
  • Supporting all network standards
  • Full stats for your internet link
  • Anti-hackers and anti-intruders

High-speed broadband satellite internet

We offer a new-generation, high-speed satellite internet with flexible terms and low prices.

Service is available in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Balkans, Georgia, Iraq, Libya, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan.

Sam Networks’ VSAT solution for the EMEA region is one of the most cost-effective. With high-speed broadband satellite internet, you can enjoy the internet anywhere without having to pay high prices.

Our unique setup is a DIY hardware kit, with flexible support plans.

New satellite technology over Ka-Band and flexible two-way communications will allow speeds up to 20mbps and smaller equipment size, making this technology the most efficient system for the region.

Benefits include:

  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to manage
  • Instant user activation
  • Designed for performance
  • Internet usage monitor