SeaVsat, provides worldwide mobile broadband Vsat communication solutions such as web and VoiP telephone services and is a leader in maritime communications. SeaVsat offers global roaming with high-speed internet, based on the latest DVBS2-RCS technology. SeaVsat has one of the most extensive coverage areas on Ku-band and C-band available. The high-speed broadband services can be used wherever you are in the world and under almost every circumstance.

Satellite broadband and telephone systems

SeaVsat uses the highest and most up-to-date technical standards for two-way SeaVsat communication via satellite backed with 24/7 customer support. SeaVsat has a worldwide network with over 20 offices and resellers to provide customers with services and technical assistance around the clock.

SeaVsat networks deliver interactive two-way communications for voice, data and video, plus broadcasting and multicasting options, to many tens of thousands of SeaVsats for both fixed and mobile operations with carrier-class reliability, quality, scalability and features.

Wherever you are and whatever your demands, whether you need a satellite to make low-cost international calling or high-speed video streaming, SeaVsat can offer financially viable and reliable broadband via satellite solutions. SeaVsat uses fully tested and integrated two-way satellite broadband networking technology and VoIP / internet telephony technology.

SeaVsat customer support teams offer on-going 24/7 support from several worldwide offices.
SeaVsat offers uninterrupted global roaming for all its communication services via the Vsat system.
Making phonecalls with SeaVsat's satellite technology offers high quality but substantially lower costs.
The broadband connections offered by SeaVsat are also suitable for big offshore platforms.
SeaVsat uses the most up-to-date and highest technology standards to guarantee stable connections.

Global marine communications services without interruptions

SeaVsat’s maritime solutions for marine communications services provide all the benefits of a carrier-class SatLink network for traditional internet service providers and telecom carriers. Plus, they meet the unique requirements for global mobility for all types of marine vessels (e.g. cruise ships, ferries, freighters, fishing vessels, and private yachts) when paired with a stabilised marine antenna system.

The special SatLink maritime VSATs work with the corresponding features implemented in hub to allow global roaming and handle the roll and pitch of the seas, making the services less susceptible to outages. SatLink maritime Vsats are also equipped with a GPS and special software for fast log-on and smooth transitions between different satellite beams while roaming.

Maritime VoIP telephone communications

Telephony maritime telephone communication is still quite expensive. You will want an easy and cost-effective solution to keep in touch with your ships and employees at sea. SeaVsat can solve this problem for you in an easy way by offering voice over IP (VoIP) using our satellite platforms.

The VoIP-telephone service is easy to use and you can even use your existing analogue devices. Your accessibility is guaranteed by the use of high-quality technology from SeaVsat. Moreover, the quality of VoIP via our satellite platforms is considerably better then common GSM technology. Get rid of your old satphone and GSM-bills and pay pennies instead of whole Euros per minute.

The GSM on-board service has no cost for the ship owner. Each crew passenger will select with his cell phone the STM network and get immediate connection. The bill related to the consumption will be sent at the end of the month with their current cell phone provider. SeaVsat has roaming agreements with more than 350 cell phone operators worldwide.

Onshore satellite communications

In collaboration with STM, the leader in DVB-RCS Vsat technology, SeaVsat offers complete solutions for corporate communication needs, independent of location and existing telecommunications infrastructure. From simple internet and email to private voice networking, bulk data transfers and interactive transaction processing, SeaVsat can design a network adapted to meet the needs of modern business customers. Vsat solutions are ideally suited to businesses with large numbers of remote locations scattered throughout a continent or around the globe.

Worldwide and around the clock customer support

SeaVsat customer support teams pick up the responsibilities for on-going 24/7 support after a network is deployed and accepted by the customer. During upgrades and expansions, these teams work closely together with customers to ensure that the service levels are maintained throughout the process. Around the globe and around the clock, project execution and customer support coverage is orchestrated from several of our worldwide offices.

Please contact us if you have any questions or requests for information about SeaVsat.