Drilling contractors, operators and onboard service companies require reliable communications capabilities while operating in some of the remotest areas of the world.

Signalhorn’s extensive experience applied to these complex requirements enables our offshore technology customers to use voice and data services just as they would if they were located at an onshore office.

Signalhorn has more than 40 years of experience as a full service communications provider. Our hybrid, technology-agnostic, solution-centred network automatically seeks the lowest-cost service while providing real-time data sharing and communications for business-critical, day-to-day operations.

Our solutions also enhance crew life during time at sea by delivering a wide choice of quality TV entertainment, as well as providing instant access to internet applications and a simple crew calling system. Additionally, crewmembers can easily stay connected with family and friends.

Our solution-centred network automatically seeks the lowest-cost service.
We provide secure data networking, broadband internet and CCTV surveillance.
Signalhorn has 40 years of experience in providing full communications systems.
90 highly trained employees support customers in more than 130 countries.

Communications systems for the offshore industry

Signalhorn’s offshore technology communication solutions are based on a triple-play IP service that uses Ku-band VSAT as the least expensive satellite path, switching to Inmarsat and Iridium services only during periods of non-availability.

The selected routing system either provides accessibility to all applications or to the most critical services, as predefined by the customer. This ensures that transmissions on every rig or vessel are maintained at all times through automatic beam switching and re-routing via the different communication paths available.

We deliver communications in locations where our customers wouldn’t imagine it possible to receive such services, including:

  • Secure data networking
  • Digital telephony
  • Broadband internet
  • Real-time video (CCTV surveillance)

Satellite and internet connectivity for drilling rigs

Signalhorn builds integrated end-to-end solutions incorporating a range of VSAT satellite, LAN and WAN components that meet the specific needs of our customers and provide the optimum transport medium for their important data.

We connect remote drilling rigs with headquarters, regional offices and shore bases. As additional value-added service, we also provide basic internet connectivity and corporate phone systems as required.

About Signalhorn

Signalhorn is a global provider of premium network services and communications solutions using terrestrial, satellite and wireless technologies, with a 40-year history of continuous operations. The services and solutions we offer encompass end-to-end network design and management, including hosting and housing.

Government and NGO customers rely on Signalhorn’s round-the-clock, responsive services and dependable solutions to support mission-critical operations. With proprietary technical centres in Switzerland and Germany, Signalhorn customers benefit from secure and cost-effective connectivity via dozens of satellites and hundreds of points of presence worldwide.

Signalhorn has $250m in terrestrial and teleport facilities, with approximately 90 employees. We continue to invest in these critical assets through equipment upgrades, specialised training classes, industry certifications and other means in order to design, manage and deliver complex, highly critical communications networks.

Secure and reliable communications networks

Signalhorn’s technology-agnostic, solution-centred approach enables us to integrate satellite, terrestrial and wireless networks in a way that best provides reliable and highly mobile communications between operations centres and offshore locations.

Our highly trained employees work with more than 60 service partners in more than 130 countries to provide customers with an understanding of the culture, business practices and local regulatory framework. This in-country regulatory and licensing support enables offshore oil and gas customers to quickly navigate local regulations for rapid service deployment of secure and reliable communications networks.