Expansion of 4G offshore network

Tampnet has further enhanced its status as operator of the largest high-capacity communications network in the world by successfully commissioning a new 4G base station in the Ekofisk area. With this new 4G base station, Tampnet has further strengthened its coverage and presence in the southern part of the Norwegian side of the North Sea. The added coverage complements and partially overlaps the significant coverage around the Valhall area.

"This is yet another milestone for our rollout of 4G coverage in the North Sea," says Tampnet CEO, Per Helge Svensson.

"The service has proven a great success for the last two years, and this adds coverage to an extremely busy area of the North Sea. The coverage will provide a cost-effective way of connecting to a proper fibre-based, low-latency broadband network.

"Our network currently is and will remain the largest offshore 4G network in the world as we develop it further and we believe the service we offer will be of great benefit to the oil and gas industry in the North Sea."

"For every 4G base station coming online, we see the demand for low-latency communications grow," says Tampnet sales manager, Per Atle Sørensen.

"The feedback from our customer base has been excellent and is very motivating. With our recent base station additions and those planned in the coming months providing near contiguous coverage, our drilling and marine based customers are focusing on signing fleet-wide agreements."

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