TerraMar Networks is a leading global provider of asset tracking and fleet management services. Our expertise spans a variety of sectors, including logistics and haulage, oil and gas, commercial maritime and aid agencies.

We deliver our services through tracpoint, our web-based mapping and analysis portal. This works with a wide range of tracking hardware and data communications networks, enabling it to support a variety of applications on land, at sea and in the air. tracpoint is delivered as a hosted tracking system, accessible through a standard web browser, 24/7.

We’ve designed tracpoint so that your organisation can realise the benefits of improved fleet management quickly and at a low cost. There’s usually no need to replace existing terminals and, where a new tracking unit is required, we can offer a range of options to suit your application.

Worldwide asset tracking by rigs, supply vessels and vehicles

tracpoint allows you to track all your assets worldwide. Either using a pre-existing terminal (e.g. Inmarsat Sat-C) or by installing a new tracking device, we can display GPS tracking information (position, speed and heading) in one convenient mapping portal.

tracpoint is a comprehensive GPS tracking system for storing data on your assets, viewing their current status and generating reports for further analysis.
We can supply high-quality GPS tracking units operating on networks including GSM, satellite and AIS. These provide rich fleet management data.
We offer remote monitoring of high-value assets. Automatic alerts let you know if something has changed on the ground.
A panic or SSAS alarm can be sent to all the people who need to know – on-screen, by email or text – so they can take appropriate action.

The system is flexible enough to cater for multiple types of asset – aircraft, rigs, vessels or onshore vehicles. It can also track personnel, for lone worker protection. Our tracking system can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection – including on a smartphone. Everyone who needs to can now have an up-to-date view of what is happening on the ground.

Single Platform for situational awareness around ports and rigs

Single Platform is a version of tracpoint designed to provide a broad situational picture of the traffic around a drilling platform and nearby port. It can represent a significant leap forward in the ability to monitor activity in a given region across different asset types in real time. This delivers benefits in terms of more efficient logistics management and enhanced security of assets and personnel.

The Single Platform integrates three layers of data. Firstly, a client can track individual assets under his control, such as aircraft, vessels and vehicles on land, using suitable GPS tracking devices which we can supply. Usually such units operate on the Inmarsat or Iridium networks offshore and GSM networks onshore.

Secondly, we can overlay tracking feeds from devices installed by a manufacturer or by specialist third-party vendors onto the application.

Finally, to give a full situational picture, we can display AIS data – either from a local, terrestrial receiver, or a satellite AIS data feed. This means you can view and analyse rich traffic data even for deep ocean regions.

Remote monitoring and movement detection

There are many remote monitoring applications relevant to the oil and gas sector. Some applications relate to assets which are not expected to move, but which can do so in certain situations, such as theft or severe weather. In this case we can provide a notification to personnel who need to know that the situation on the ground has changed.

By getting the information to the right people in time, you can take the appropriate measures to recover your valuable assets and prevent damage to property.

Alarms and alerts set to pre-defined events

tracpoint delivers alarms and alerts to the people who need to know, based on pre-defined events. Whether it’s a panic alarm from a person in distress, a movement detector to indicate a piece of equipment is moving when it shouldn’t be, or a sensor monitoring doors being opened or equipment being tampered with, we can deploy a warning system to meet your needs.
The alerts can be shown on our tracpoint management portal, or sent automatically by email and text to a defined distribution list.

Secure ship alarm system for safety and security

We offer a complete Secure Ship Alarm solution, comprising onboard hardware, automatic management of alarms and online SSAS management system. Our solution meets or exceeds all requirements of the SOLAS regulation XI-2/6 and associated performance standards.

An attractive element of our SSAS solution is a feature to manage test schedules, which helps clients run an efficient and auditable process. Reminders can be generated when tests are due and results recorded centrally online. This lightens the administrative burden for security officers and lets them focus on managing the risks to your operations.

TerraMar Networks has been providing tracking and fleet information services since 1999. We help more than 300 organisations to manage thousands of assets worldwide. Contact us for a free, no-obligation demonstration.