Wind is proud to deliver important niche services to shipping and offshore companies. Wind CrewTel – crew telephony – provides employees with high-quality telephony services regardless of where they work.

Wind is a dynamic and innovative telecommunications company that develops and delivers net centric services, billing and telecommunications traffic. We deliver, via our communications platform, bespoke products and services to other service providers within the telecommunications and IT industry, and directly to our own customers.

Wind is a fully authorised and registered telecommunications operator, and provides services either as an operator, a service provider, or a combination of both.

Wind offers very competitive calling rates for crews. Furthermore, the concept provides minimal administration for the rig manager and shipping companies. The solution can be delivered as a prepaid service or post-paid, both with an itemised bill.

Wind CrewTel is a flexible and adaptive service that handles crew telephony.
Eirik Raude ocean rig.
Athena – BW Offshore.
With Wind CrewTel, all call expenses can be kept under control.

Worldwide crew telephony service

Wind CrewTel is a flexible and adaptive service to handle crew telephony. With Wind CrewTel the crew can make personal telephone calls from their own personal account. The phones used can be phones dedicated for crew calls only or both for crew calls and business use. Each account can be topped up in different ways, by top-up codes or direct transfers from the admin user, or you can use phone cards.

With Wind CrewTel, all call expenses can be kept under control. Each crew call will be debited to the crew representative’s account. The management can limit the service to a certain allowance each week or month. Wind CrewTel can be customised for each organisation.

Low-cost crew telephone services

A key aspect to our services is that customers do not invest in a new telecommunications infrastructure within their own business. The investment has already been made by Wind, so the services are acquired by customers on a subscription basis, either on the basis of a fixed monthly amount or based on usage. The service is delivered via fixed lines (satellite) or secure internet (IP VPN).

We work hard every day to fulfil our vision – "Wind wants all phone customers to be satisfied."

Telephone service benefits for offshore crew

The key benefits of Wind CrewTel telephone services are as follows:

  • Dedicated phone for crew calls
  • Service is easy and affordable to use
  • Low call rates to the whole world
  • No charge before the call is answered
  • A minimum of administration for the owner
  • Wind CrewTel can be customised to your requirements
  • No need for installation or equipment
  • Prepaid or postpaid? It’s your decision
  • If phone cards are required you can have your own profile / style
  • If prepaid, we email codes for topping up accounts