Zafire is a young and dynamic company that provides software solutions and consultancy services to the aviation and service management industries. Zafire’s mission is to ensure that all of its clients maximise their business potential by providing them with the software tools and ongoing support that they need, and that exactly match their requirements.

Offshore software solutions and consultancy services

In developing and implementing solutions to deliver improvements within business processes, Zafire has built a reputation for innovation, a ‘can do’ attitude, and the ability to customise its software to fit its clients’ businesses and not vice versa. This is achievable because approximately 90% of Zafire’s workforce is devoted to software development, business process re-engineering and project management. Zafire recently received IBM’s Platinum award for Best Solutions Provider; tribute indeed to its ‘client-needs’ focus on software development.

Bespoke software for the offshore industry

Zafire is aware that because companies operate in the same industry, it does not necessarily mean that they work in the same way. For the majority of its clients Zafire has added bespoke elements to its software to enable them to work exactly as they wish, with no compromise.

Because of this flexible approach, Zafire has been able to diversify into other industries and provide new clients with the advanced features and return on investment to which its existing clientele have become accustomed. Zafire creates highly configurable software that enables its clients to achieve maximum efficiency with minimum costs. Zafire doesn’t just ‘sell and run’ but maintains an ongoing business relationship with its clients by providing support and development services that are tailored to their needs.

Smart by Zafire now includes a comprehensive asset management module, which works on a hierarchical basis.
Smart improves the customer experience and helps companies to adhere to service level agreements.
The Smart dashboard.
The Smart workshop dashboard.

Benefits include:

  • Improves customer experience – helps companies to adhere to service level agreements
  • Easy to implement – web-enabled for rapid implementation across multiple locations
  • Customisable – easily modified to meet clients’ requirements
  • Scalable – accommodates increased transactional volumes as businesses grow and diversify
  • Increased control – reduces supervision and management requirements with sophisticated configurable controls and reports
  • Greater visibility – facilitates data sharing between departments and across multiple locations
  • Reduces stock costs – optimises parts holding using dynamic stock control and forecasting
  • Future-proof – configurable for use with a wide variety of mobile communication devices, and to accommodate RFID technology
  • Analysis – includes reports on product and engineer performance and other parameters of key performance indicators to help management increase efficiency and reduce costs
  • Secure – provides data encryption, full system audits, and configurable user security
  • Support – includes dedicated helpdesk, 24/7 on-call support, and ongoing bespoke development to meet new business requirements

Field service software with enhanced applications

This year, Zafire has put considerable effort into developing applications that will enhance Smart’s existing field service features. SmartTasks and SmartTime allow users to record task and project activities using their mobile devices, while SmartAuth enables managers to authorise purchase requisitions, purchase orders, and price requests from the field.

Asset management module for the offshore industry

Smart now includes a comprehensive asset management module, which works on a hierarchical basis. An example of the application of this module would be to create and manage site builds for customers, where each site may have multiple site builds, and each site build may have multiple assets assigned to it (e.g. products that will be needed, or actions that must be performed). In turn, each asset may comprise several components, each of which will also be an asset.

Attachment management software

Users can manage all of their documents in Smart from one common point, including viewing, editing, creating, and version control of attachments. All changes are time and date stamped to provide traceability.

PDF document editing software

The exciting PDF editor tool allows users to extract data of their choice from Smart, format it using an integrated HTML editor, and produce PDF documents in the format and order that they require (e.g. quotes which incorporate product-specific terms and conditions).

Project management module for the offshore industry

Smart’s project management module integrates seamlessly with its incident processing features to provide a powerful organisational tool. Gantt charts and a KPI graphical interface provide access to crucial information at a glance.

Scheduling and planning tool

Smart now has a new drag-and-drop scheduling and planning tool, Skills Matrix, which integrates with Smart’s existing skills matrix scoring system and covers the following:

  • Visas
  • Health and safety
  • Risk Assessment
  • Product skill set
  • Location
  • HR details
  • Vaccinations
  • Position of SLA and diary of each engineer

About Zafire

Smart by Zafire is a multilingual solution that provides value for money and has more ‘off the shelf’ functionality than its competitors.

Zafire is a stable, growing company, that guarantees to save your business money. The largest media and communications company in the world runs its business using Zafire’s solution.