Tamrotor Marine Compressors (TMC) is a supplier of compressed air systems for marine and offshore use. It offers products such as air compressors, Boil-off gas compressors, air Lubrication system compressors, skid-mounted compressors, containerized packages and weatherproof compressor solutions, as well as after-market technical support and spare parts, hybrid air dryers, heated desiccant air dryers or ATEX solutions and air treatment filters.​

Its smart air technology adjusts the air production and energy consumption to the actual compressed air requirements. TMC provides custom-engineered compressors for offshore and topside installations. The company provides spare parts; and planned maintenance and professional services. It provides spare parts for glue types, coatings, filter walls and metal types. ​

The company operates through its service points in Brazil, the US, Norway, Singapore, UAE, China, Japan and South Korea. TMC is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.​