Stressman Engineering Numerical Analysis for Oil and Gas Vessels and Pipelines

Stressman Engineering is a global engineering company with a unique international niche and expertise. Our core-business is numerical analyses for the offshore, subsea and LNG market to eliminate risk and potential catastrophes caused by the mechanical failure of piping systems, pressure vessels, structures, hulls and more.

With experience from more than 200 projects in our portfolio, Stressman’s personnel optimise systems and eliminate errors and risk, as well as exchange knowledge gained throughout its project history through its ISO 9001-processes.

Key knowledge and experience in mechanical stress of offshore installations

The knowledge and experience of our key personnel is world-leading when it comes to mechanical stress, fatigue, HISC, thermal, pulsations, vortex-induced vibrations and flow.

Our engineers have worked on most offshore and subsea installations, such as manifolds, subsea separators, choke modules, XTs, pipelines, jumpers, risers, FPSOs, FLNGs, drilling units and production units.

Stressman engineers develop internal software and macro functions for more efficient, custom-made reports according to the client’s requirements. With a genuine drive, Stressman performs internal research and development (R&D), and has close ties to the University of South-East Norway.

High volumes and high complexity stress analysis for offshore projects

Our international organisation is tuned to assist you on both short-term and long-term projects, ranging from 25 to thousands of hours. This means that we can handle high volumes of analyses, such as the entire pipe stress analysis of piping systems on a FLNG.

Our services covers most topics within the laws of physic, such as pipe stress, structural stress, pressure vessel calculations, foundation analysis, thermal analysis, finite element analysis (FEA), fluid-structure-interface problems (FSI) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Offshore engineering teams demonstrating efficiency, competence and easiness

Our engineering team demonstrates proficiency in three key areas when working with clients; efficiency, competence and easiness. We say, “Relax, let us handle your stress”, taking the stress of mechanical stress off the client’s hands.

It shall always be easy to work with us, and we are constantly striving to assist our clients in a way that suits their individual needs.  Stressman Engineering is competitive when it comes to quality, deliverability and cost. This is confirmed by our high closing rate and the fact that we are delivering projects all over the world.

Among our client portfolio, we have many of the leading oil and gas companies. We also assist some of these when they are upgrading their global stress guidelines.

Computational packages for comprehensive offshore projects

We calculate individual piping systems and structures, or we can take the responsibility of calculating the entire system. This is what we refer to as a computational package. This gives a much more efficient transfer of information.

One example of a package calculation may be an offshore skid where we verify the piping, pressure vessels, pumps and structure.

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Stressman Engineering

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Stressman Engineering

Dokkveien 10

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0047 901 85 676

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