offshore refrigerated container

Gone are the days when a refrigerated unit was a 20ft container with a fridge pack attached. In today’s offshore environment, it is it about quality and reliability and the safety of the people working with our kit from dock to deck, explains Greg Spence, managing director of Reftrade UK.

The oil and gas industry is synonymous with the highest standards in health and safety, it is paramount to any operator and service company working in the sector. As a result the technology developed for use on and offshore, to protect the lives of the men and women in the industry, is at the forefront of technological advancement – where else would you find a giant explosion proof fridge?

Reftrade UK is one such company, setting the standards for the sale and lease of refrigerated containers and temperature controlled units to the offshore energy sector, having recently made a significant investment into its rental fleet to ensure its units are upgraded to the highest standards that exceed both ATEX and DNV accreditation standards.

Modifications to our new and existing range of standard and zoned refrigerated containers include easy access safety doors, overriding man-trap alarms, emergency lighting and interfacing to connect the containers alarms to installation control rooms. This will improve the safety standard of each unit and more importantly, personnel using our reefer units.

This recent expenditure to upgrade the fleet follows considerable investment in 2013, which saw Reftrade UK take a market-lead as the only rental supplier of 10ft and 20ft rated explosion proof containers in the UK.

Operating within an industry where there are many hazards, we are continuously looking for ways to improve our product range, ensuring our units not only meet, but set the standard for safety and what clients should expect in the rental market.

Using an integrated business model, Reftrade UK supply, deliver and advise on the rental and sale of all DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 storage reefers including manufacturing for bespoke projects in both standard and zoned containers.

In addition to its refrigerated containers, Reftrade UK is also equipped to supply clients with a complete range of offshore transportation and storage containers, baskets and tanks. All units are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure clients receive safe and reliable serviced solutions.

Image: Reftrade UK supplies, delivers and advises on the rental and sale of DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 storage reefers and refrigeration containers. Photo: courtesy of Reftrade UK.