CARU Container is the European market leader in the sales and leasing of new and used ISO containers. Almost every type and any number can be supplied from our stock. Among the clients of CARU Containers are shipping lines, shippers, cargo handlers, transport companies, contractors, relocation companies, municipalities, defence forces, merchants, lessors and many others.

With owned offices in Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland and the US, and a network of excellent partners throughout Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, we can offer our clients a true worldwide service with a local flavour, and implement quick and complete solutions.

Rentable ISO / DNV 2.7-1 containers

CARU Containers combines optimal price / quality with a client-oriented and flexible organisation. We are recognised as a client-oriented and flexible organisation. We constantly invest in fleet expansion, renewal and service optimisations, so can deliver the best service and quality. This makes us one of the most innovative container suppliers in the world.

In the Netherlands, CARU Containers has a central depot in Moerdijk (65,000m²) and a depot in the port area of Rotterdam (18,000m²). The company’s most recent development is a new depot in Belgium, Antwerp. All these depots have direct connections to railways, highways and inland waterways, and are ideally suited for international shipping. Stock is also maintained at depots worldwide to serve our customers involved in international shipping.

CARU leases 20ft new and used standard offshore containers.
CARU converts reefers into 10ft offshore reefers, just one example of the company’s capability to modify standard containers to offshore containers.
CARU is constantly investing in fleet expansion, renewal and service optimisations, to ensure it can deliver the best service and quality to its customers.
Since 2009, CARU has produced its own 20ft ISO / DNV 2.7-1 containers, which have pad eyes within ISO standards and a higher payload than needed to meet DNV rules.
CARU has its own surveyors in place during all aspects of the production process.

Maritime offshore container equipment

In recent years, the CARU Group has emerged as a trusted supplier of standard ISO containers. Through a growing network of clients, we recognised a rising interest in maritime offshore container equipment.

As a result, we started offering and selling a range of standard 8ft / 10ft / 20ft / 20ft OT and 20ft hh OT DNV offshore containers, which were purchased as new and used to meet the demand of our offshore clients.

ISO / DNV 2.7-1 containers for the offshore industry

Having noticed an ever-growing demand for offshore containers, CARU started producing its own 20ft ISO / DNV 2.7-1 containers in China in 2009. In the years after, our DNV container line was dramatically extended with open top containers, hard top containers, half height containers and reefer containers.

Thanks to improved designs, production techniques and the use of high-quality steel, these containers have pad eyes within ISO standards and a higher payload than needed to meet DNV rules. All our containers are built to CSC standards, which allow them to be stacked as regular cargo on a container vessel. This dramatically reduces the trans-ocean transportation costs.

Offshore container engineering and modification

CARU is your single source provider for all DNV 2.7-1 equipment. In addition to our standard DNV 2.7-1 containers CARU can modify these containers within ISO standard. When you require, we can even custom-build a DNV container for you.

Offshore container modifications

CARU also specialises in the modification of standard containers to offshore containers. One of our best-selling products has been 10ft offshore reefers, which are converted from standard reefers.

These containers include slings, approved pad eyes and nine bull bars (for impact protection). We can also customise the interior according to our clients’ needs, from painting and building-in racks to including a complete workshop.

About CARU Containers

CARU Containers was formed in 2008 by the merger of CARU and Schouten Container Services (SCS). Since July 2008, the businesses have been combined and run from our central office in Moerdijk under the trade name of CARU Containers.

CARU originated from the merging, in 2000, of three long-established Rotterdam businesses: CATU Rotterdam (1992), Trade Craft (1984) and Lease Craft (1991), which were all active in container sales and leasing. Under the new name CARU, the group grew into a worldwide operator, gradually adding offices in various countries. By the end of 2007, CARU was rated one of the 15 biggest ISO container leasing companies in the world.

About the DNV2.7-1 standard for offshore containers

The worldwide offshore industry has accepted DNV 2.7-1 as the international standard for cargo carrying units (CCUs), otherwise commonly known as offshore containers and baskets. DNV 2.7-1 was developed by the Norwegian standards organisation, Det Norske Veritas. DNV has developed rules and standards for ships for more than 140 years and is a world-leading classification society.

The standard was first published in 1986 and was quickly recognised as the offshore industry standard. The code is a rigorous set of material requirements, manufacturing procedures, and maintenance rules that ensure safe cargo transport in the offshore environment.

The standard specifically addresses:

  • Materials
  • Design
  • Production
  • Markings
  • Lifting sets
  • Periodic examinations, tests and repairs

All CARU offshore containers comply with DNV regulations.