ConGlobal Industries is the world’s largest retailer of used, modified and refurbished ISO shipping and cargo containers.

Los Angeles and Long Beach are the largest ports in the United States and provide CGILA with a large supply of equipment for resale purposes.

CGILA serves a wide range of customers, from construction to entertainment companies.

Container types supplied by ConGlobal

Shipping containers for sale out of Los Angeles, California, include:

CGI supplies a range of storage container types.
These include shipping containers and also chassis.
ConGlobal also supplies roll up door modifications.
The company has access to a huge inventory of containers for sale.
ConGlobal Industries is the world's largest retailer of used, modified and refurbished ISO shipping and cargo containers.
ConGlobal's Bill Hinchliff.
  • 40ft shipping containers
  • Standard new and used 20ft, 40ft, 45ft and 48ft shipping containers
  • 10ft containers with roll doors

Electrical container packages available

Includes 2ftx4ft lamps with two outlets installed in the back and front for 110V power source. This is great for a second garage.

  • Electrical switch
  • Electrical switch and wiring
  • 40ft, with lights
  • 40ft, wired with lights

Containers that cater for a range of applications

Other options that can be installed into any shipping container purchased from us include:

  • Steel man doors
  • Lock box
  • Skylights
  • Turbine vents
  • Windows
  • Roll doors
  • Electrical packages
  • Exterior / interior painting
  • Wiring for phone and Internet

ConGlobal Industries has access to a huge inventory of containers for sale from our depot locations.

We have partnerships with the industry’s leading equipment owners to source shipping containers on demand.

Quality workmanship guaranteed

ConGlobal has the highest industry standards on quality workmanship. All modifications are made accordingly, to guarantee that your shipping container will not be damaged and is usable for many years to come. ConGlobal Industries does all modifications and repairs in its dedicated shops.

Modified and refurbished ISO shipping and cargo containers

ISO containers that can hold anything, but other ideal storage uses include:

  • Construction equipment and supplies
  • Inventory overstock and seasonal or promotional items
  • School and youth club athletic equipment
  • Bulk food items
  • Household items
  • Landscaping materials
  • Theatrical props
  • Medical supplies
  • Farm equipment
  • Auto parts

Custom modifications

Below are some of the many additional custom mods that can be done in Los Angeles (California):

  • Retail shops
  • Office modules
  • Portable storage unit
  • Snack shack
  • Fireworks stand
  • Mini storage

Worldwide network

ConGlobal Industries has 17 locations in the United States, Costa Rica and Mexico serving our shipping container consumers.

If you would like to know more about pricing on an equipment order, please fill out one of our RFQ (request for quotation) forms and a quote will be sent immediately on the next business day, or call 1-800-255-4835 and one of our friendly sales representatives will be happy to answer any questions you may have and take your order, should you wish to continue.