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High-Quality DNV2.7-1 and EN12079-Certified Offshore Containers

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Conserve Oilfield Services is an established market leader in the rental and sale of DNV2.7-1 / EN 12079 certified offshore cargo carrying units (CCU’s), baskets, containers, chemical transport tanks, related equipment and services for the global offshore oil and gas industry.

All Conserve units are designed, manufactured and certified to suit offshore regulations, adhere to international quality standards, and designed in accordance with DNV2.7-1 and EN12079.

Offshore cargo carrying units

Conserve offer an extensive range of CCUs certified to to EN12079 / DNV2.7-1 standards, including:

Conserve offers uniquely designed safety chemical tanks.
The company was the first firm to introduce products designed according to Step Change in Safety Baskets guidelines.
Conserve's extra-wide, heavy-duty, open-top container with swinging head rails minimises personal safety hazards.
Conserve supplies removable side, half-height containers.
The firm offers environmental solutions, including mud skips and waste-recycling centres.
  • Dry cargo: ranging from from Mini up to 20ft x 8ft containers
  • Open-top: ranging from 10ft x 8ft up to 30ft x 9ft
  • Half-height: ranging between 10ft and 30ft lengths
  • Cargo baskets: ranging from 6ft up to 60ft baskets, includes pipe and multipurpose baskets
  • Step Change in Safety Baskets: ranging between 10m and 18m
  • Environmental Units : waste-recycling centres, box skips, mud skips, swarf skips and fluorescent tube boxes

Swinging head rail, open-top containers

Conserve is focused on improving safety for personnel and cargo, while providing added value.

The company’s swinging head rail, open-top containers offer:

  • Right and left-hand swinging head rail for nearly full-width and height access
  • Industry-leading proprietary brand Bloxwich door locking gear and hinges
  • Bolt-on door-locking gear for easy repair or replacement
  • Fork pockets raised 45mm from the ground to minimise debris entry
  • Dual EN 12079 and DNV2.7-1 certification
  • Chain door tie-backs provide flexible security
  • 10kn-rated tie-down points internally
  • External net tarpaulin tie down points

Step Change in Safety cargo baskets

Conserve was the first rental company to introduce Step Change units, which are designed in accordance with the published Step Change in Safety Guidelines for cargo baskets.

All cargo baskets are certified in accordance with EN 12079 / DNV 2.7-1 standards and their fork pockets are raised 45mm from the ground to minimise entry of debris.

Additional features include:

  • 10kn rated tie down points internally
  • Internal channels to suit custom cradles
  • External net features / tarpaulin tie down points
  • Tag Line points
  • Uniform stacking features across the product range
  • Adequate drainage points inside baskets

IMDG code-approved chemical transportation tanks

Conserve owns and rents a range of uniquely designed safety chemical tanks, which comply with the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) code.

These units eliminate 99% of potential hazards in comparison with conventional chemical tanks. Designed to be lower than standard tanks with the same overall footprint, the adapted profile enables checks to be made without steps or ladders, minimising safety risks of working at heights.

Converse’s extensive range of chemical tanks includes:

  • Safety chemical tanks: 500gal, 600gal and 1,000gal
  • Conventional chemical tanks: 500gal, 600gal, 1,000gal and 1,650gal
  • Offshore framed intermediate bulk containers (IBCs): 1,000l capacity
  • Offshore framed (IBCs): 1,000l capacity suitable for hypo.
  • Offshore framed IBC carriers
  • Offshore waste oil tanks

About Conserve Oilfield Services

Conserve Oilfield Services are part of the Centurion Group of Companies including, Jacks Winches, RentAir Offshore, Seanic Ocean Systems, Tristar Water Solutions and Mining Camps Australia.

The Centurion group offers its services in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Asia Pacific, delivering packaged equipment rental and service solutions to enhance client operations.

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