Container Service C Groenenboom is a family-owned company located in the Netherlands, between the harbours of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We have more than 25 years of experience which enables us to guarantee a top quality product. The strength of our company is the offer of a total package: custom-made containers, repair, modification and preparation.

Our 25,000m² depot is facilitated with 27 covered stores, a blasting, painting and drying area in line process, and a separate spraying room. Groenenboom performs a wide variety of activities on-site and is specialised in the following:

  • Special products: custom-made offshore containers, workshop containers, control rooms, accommodation containers, offshore storage containers
  • Certified preparation: spraying and blasting conform to the offshore regulations
  • Mini offshore containers
  • Offshore storage containers
  • Half heights and open-top offshore containers
  • Standard 10ft and 20ft offshore containers

Custom-made offshore containers

Container Service C. Groenenboom specialises in custom-made products. Whether a single container or 200, we design and construct containers to fit your needs and requirements. A standard container can be rebuilt to become an offshore container. All types of modifications or customisations are possible, such as integrated contruction work, insulation, and building-in racks.

Standard offshore containers

We deliver mini and storage containers certified by Bureau Veritas according to the EN 12079 and DNV2.7-1 offshore regulations. These containers are available in a range of dimensions, such as standard 10ft and 20ft offshore containers.

Container Service C. Groenenboom offers custom-made containers, repair, modification and preparation.
We have a blasting and spray painting facility on-site. High-quality painting systems are applied in line with environmental and legal requirements.
We deliver custom-made and standard offshore containers, as well as repair and maintenance services.

Offshore container repair and maintenance

Container Service C. Groenenboom can repair a multitude of various containers. For example, we are specialised in the reparation of refrigerated containers. Our team is highly skilled and works with high-quality repair standards. Our mechanics are qualified welders and VCA (safely regulations) certified. We use the latest innovative technologies to improve our work. Our motto is ‘discarding is a shame, give your container a second round’. This allows us to provide a cost-effective solution to your container.

Blasting and spraying work for the offshore industry

We have a blasting and spray painting facility on-site. High-quality painting systems are applied in line with environmental and legal requirements. Our blasting and spraying work is certificated for offshore and the army according to their guarantee systems. All paints we use are high quality and meet environmental issues, like mechanical resistance, lifetime increasing, anti-graffiti and corrosion, self-finishing and anti-discolouring.

Offshore construction work

Our construction shop is equipped with a variety of machinery, such as software equipped bending machines, sophisticated digital welding machines, heavy sawing machines, drill presses, cutting machines, punching and burning machines. We have our own calculators and engineers to design, build and develop special products. For this reason, we are fully equipped to build custom-made offshore containers and special design toolboxes and construction work.