IDOPS Construction, Repairs and Reconstruction of Oil Storage Tanks

IDOPS provides engineering, procurement, construction, supply and consultation services to the offshore, energy and renewables sectors.

One of the company’s specialisms is the manufacture of reinforced concrete tanks with an internal, double-wall, composite shell with a vacuum leak monitoring system.

Specialised storage tanks for alcohols and biofuels

IDOPS offers complex solutions for the construction and revitalisation of the storage tanks for fuels, biofuels and alcohols, with or without bio-components. Tanks are available in capacities ranging from 10m³ to 100,000m³.

In addition, the company supplies and installs detection systems for continuous tank-tightness monitoring and double-layer piping technology, and carries out repairs on corroded concrete structures to increase their load capacity by reinforcing the tank.

All repairs and remediation are completed according to the chemical environment where these structures are used.

Protective coatings for industrial storage tanks

IDOPS is a specialist of internal coatings and linings for steel and reinforced concrete storage tanks with composite materials.

The company supplies protective coatings for storage tanks of drinking water and hazardous substances such as acids, alkalis and flammables.

IDOPS also creates secondary bottoms in single-wall steel or concrete tanks, and provides cutting-edge solutions to prevent corrosion within tanks.

Repair and maintenance services for tanks and pumps

Through comprehensive experience in revitalising gas stations technologies, IDOPS installs technological distribution tanks equipment, pipelines, supply and installation of limit and continuous tanks level measurement.

IDOPS implements repair insulations of emergency collectors, shafts, remediation of tank dome shafts and technology corridors, and applies state-of-the-art repair systems for large-diameter chemical sewers. The firm additionally remediates handling and filling areas for hazardous and chemical substances.

IDOPS also refurbishes and rebuilds storage tanks for petrochemical products, update pipes and pumping equipment, and supplies machinery for petrol stations.

In addition, the company supplies technologies for tank terminals for various petrochemical products such as fuel, jet fuel and alcohol.

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Smart Lining System

System for indication of cracks on the welds of storage tanks, pipelines and critical large areas.


Mlýnska 326/13

602 00 Brno

Czech Republic

+420 2 2534 8500 +421 2 2129 9105

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Mlýnska 326/13

602 00 Brno

Czech Republic

+420 2 2534 8500 +421 2 2129 9105
Rastislav Rázus (Chairman of the Board)
Peter Vodička (Sales and Marketing Director)

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