Intership owns and operates a fleet of accommodation work barges (AWBs) supporting the oil and gas industry.

Accommodation work barges for offshore facilities

AWBs have traditionally been used wherever there is a need for additional accommodation, engineering, construction or storage capacity for offshore operations.

They are employed to support the following operations, engaging in all stages of the oil field lifecycle, including exploration support, including seismic surveys, offshore accommodation, maintenance, hook-up and commissioning, and platform decommissioning and construction support.

Intership supplies accommodation work barges (AWBs) for the oil and gas sector.
Lancelot is equipped with the latest DP3 Kongsberg system and fitted with a hydraulically powered, passive heave compensated telescopic gangway, providing a versatile accommodation unit to suit all offshore needs.
The world’s largest offshore construction AWB, Camelot, offers en-suite accommodation, offices, conference rooms, recreational spaces, workshops, internet, telephone, TV, and a five-a-side football and running track.
The Venture AWB holds up to 450 people on-board.

AWBs can be positioned alongside installations, or in central locations where they act as field operation centres for maintenance of groups of platforms and structures.

AWB customisation for marine applications

Intership configures vessels to create unique and versatile units, which are suitable for a wide variety of marine logistics and support projects in both deep water and continental shelf environments for the offshore industry.

The vessels can be outfitted and prepared for the following duties:

  • Logistics and warehousing base
  • Accommodation support
  • Hook-up and commissioning support
  • Offshore platform maintenance
  • Light construction work
  • Diving and subsea construction

Intership’s Lancelot and Camelot vessels contain more than 600 beds, complete with private en-suite facilities, gymnasium, TV / videos rooms, offices, conference rooms, a 300t crane and a spacious 200-seat mess room, which caters for the needs of crew and offshore personnel.

Offshore accommodation units

Intership’s fleet of vessels comprise:

  • Camelot: accommodation construction work barge, for up to 840 people
    • Length: 190m
    • Beam: 45m
    • Depth 12.5m
  • Lancelot: DP3 accommodation work barge, for up to 629 people
    • Length: 110m
    • Breadth 31.7m
    • Depth 7.3m
  • Offshore Olympia: accommodation work barge, for up to 500 people
    • Length: 96.35m
    • Breadth 30.25m
  • Olympia: accommodation work barge, for up to 500 people
    • Length: 100m
    • Breadth: 30m
  • Venture: accommodation work barge, for up to 450 people
    • Length: 99.2m
    • Width: 25.8m

Offshore and onshore technicians

Intership’s technical team is experienced in the offshore industry, and is consistently training to maintain the high-performance of its services. Both onshore and offshore technicians are responsible for supervising and supporting all vessels’ requirements regarding maintenance and problem-solving.

The firm’s corporate objective is to provide clients with high-quality services in terms of flexibility, security and comfort, while taking safety and environment protection into account. Intership ensures that all crew members are highly qualified and capable to operate vessels to the highest standards.

About Intership

Established in 1990, Intership has been at the heart of the offshore accommodation market in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, South East Asia and West Africa for the last 25 years.

The founders initially specialised in tugs and barges in Europe during the 1970s, before expanding its operations in the Middle East and Asia in the 1980s. Since then, accommodation and work barges have become Intership’s key business after owning various rigs and construction vessels.

The senior management has owned and operated accommodation, work and crane barges come with more than 30 years of experience in the marine and offshore sectors. The company has positioned itself as a provider of high-quality, cost-efficient customised offshore accommodation solutions.

The company has key personnel in Europe and West Africa. The operations office in Singapore has a 25-person management team running a fleet of six vessels with a crew of 500 people.

Intership’s offices in Luanda, Angola, and Pointe Noire, Congo, provide essential onshore logistic support, including crew transfer, local purchasing and supervision of customs clearance.

Clients include the United Nations, the US Navy, AGIP, Bouygues, Chevron, Nooc, ELF, ETMP, Exxon Mobil, Heerema, McDermott, Pemex, Saipem, Transocean SedcoForex, Shell, Sonangol and Total.