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Modular Chemical Dosing, Pumping and Telemetry Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

WEW understands the tough operating environment of the oil and gas exploration sector and has designed fuel and water logistic solutions to meet these requirements.

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WEW tanks in the arctic

WEW understands the tough operating environment of the oil and gas exploration sector and has designed fuel and water logistic solutions to meet these requirements. Of the numerous units we have supplied over the last four decades, not a single reportable failure has ever been recorded.

We are well known as a systems integrator, with modular systems now encapsulating pumping and dosing for both upstream and downstream applications. From drill mud and completion fluid additive dosing to MEG waste handling, WEW provides robust yet advanced systems with numerous add ons such as telemetry and remote control.

The company provides a low-risk route to sourcing a robustly integrated solution with a long service life even in the harshest operating environments. High product integrity is built into everything we do and have ever done, hence our motto: "Boringly reliable – made in Germany".

An innovative WEW gas train MEG waste system.
Some of WEW’s bespoke downstream petrochemical additives systems.
A WEW system with on-board telemetry.
A controller area network (CAN) bus control.
EPA-compliant drop-and-go rigside fuel delivery systems.
A WEW unit avoids product leakage after rolling over in the desert.
Every one of our manufacturing staff has completed a three-year apprentice education, and all WEW welders are certified to the highest levels.
Bespoke offshore system development.

Bespoke liquid transport solutions for oil and gas

We specialise in providing integrated systems; combining liquid/ gas storage with ancillary services such as pumps, specialist linings, filtration, telemetry and heating and cooling systems.

Chemical, logistics and oil and gas service providers all rely on WEW systems for the secure movement, storage and delivery of gases and liquids, ranging from foodstuffs to some of the most toxic chemicals in existence.

The company is at the forefront of technological developments in logistic solutions for the transport and storage of liquids and gases. We work with our clients to provide them with solutions for safe liquid and gas handling and logistics.

Telemetry and remote control dosing and metering

WEW draws on years of experience in the civilian logistics sector when handling products. For instance, transporting temperature-sensitive products over long distances requires accurate positioning and product condition data. WEW’s recent work in defence has enhanced this capability, yielding real-time operational data, including vital systems telemetry.

In the oilfield sector, WEW has drawn on its experience to deliver a range of solutions, including remote control dosing, metering, and pumping in a zone 1 environment.

Liquid tank transport systems accreditation

Whether inside or outside standard ISO dimensions, WEW specialises in the supply of bespoke products with a payload range between 1,000l and 100,000l.

Our expertise extends to the welding and manipulation of high-value alloys, including Hastelloy and Duplex. Options include heating/cooling, integral pumping, lining and WEW’s patented ‘flask in a tank’ system.

The company meets or exceeds all regulatory requirements and carries ASME VIII R, U, T and many nation-specific certificates such as US DOT, SELO and WHG. We provide full documentation packs and safety cases as required, as would be expected of a company with a track record of supplying the nuclear industry.

Hazardous liquid and gas transportation and storage

WEW’s 12,000m² design and production facility is located in the heart of Europe and employs over 120 highly qualified staff, many with a very long record of service. The company has a strong reputation as a specialist systems integrator serving the oilfield, chemical/ petrochemical, nuclear, defence and emergency services markets all over the globe.

WEW delivers systems for transport, storage and dispensing of over 2,000 hazardous liquids and gases. We hold more than 100 patents and invest a substantial proportion of our annual turnover in research and development. WEW carries numerous accreditations relevant to the oil and gas industry.

Liquid and gas tank safety

In the event of an accident, massive shock loading is sustained by the container frame. This must be strong enough to protect the pressure vessel (which may be filled with a hazardous cargo), yet also have crumple zones to absorb the energy. Frame deformation helps minimise the risk of pressure vessel deformation and thus product leakage when in transit.

WEW’s frame designs are patented and fully type-tested to handle this load absorption requirement. Besides impact absorption, creeping attack through external corrosion leads to stress corrosion, particularly in offshore environments. To prevent this, all WEW stainless-steel tank containers are blasted and painted with a twin-pack primer before the insulation is mounted.

Oil and gas market tank manufacturing and accreditation

WEW’s manufacturing plant is equipped with the latest high-pressure cutting machines, four-roll bending machines for cylindrical and non-cylindrical shapes, and super-automated and flexible welding equipment for longitudinal and circumferential seams. All critical seams are X-rayed. The level of automation that we employ ensures that the quality and value for money of our products is unsurpassed.

Every one of our manufacturing staff has completed a three-year apprentice education, and all WEW welders are certified to the highest levels.

Support services and upgrades for oil and gas tanks

WEW’s recently expanded facilities have greatly enhanced the support and upgrading services that we offer, including off-the-shelf spare parts supply. This, combined with extensive field service experience, ensures WEW’s clients have the option of comprehensive through-life support, an important feature considering the decades-long lifecycle of WEW designs.

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