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Transit, Storage and Deployment Solutions

Unit 5, Alpha Park, Bevan Way, Dartmouth Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1BZ, United Kingdom

Unit 5, Alpha Park, Bevan Way, Dartmouth Road, Smethwick, West Midlands, B66 1BZ, United Kingdom

ZERO storage and transportation

ZERO Cases, a specialist in the complex needs of the most demanding industries, is a UK manufacturer of a vast range of transit, storage and deployment solutions where equipment safety and reliability is paramount.

From deep drawn aluminium carrying cases, through an unparalleled range of solutions for the safe transport of 19in rack-mount equipment, on to the Transitainer range of modular re-usable shipping containers – ZERO has a solution for your problem.

ZERO is a world-class manufacturer of deep-drawn and fabricated aluminium enclosures and a volume producer of polyethylene roto-moulded plastic cases, containers and 19in racks. ZERO’s real product is protection – protection in transit, protection in use and protection during storage. ZERO can meet your needs with a standard product – or through specialised custom design – ensuring that your valuable equipment and electronics arrive at the point of use ‘safe and sound’.

Aluminium carry cases

The ZERO ‘Centurion’ aluminium carry case range offers strong, lightweight yet extremely durable solutions for transporting and delivering a wide range of equipment.

Seamless construction offers maximum resistance to shock-loading whilst providing ingress protection by use of ingenious interlocking extruded jointing members incorporating neoprene rubber seals, fastened by durable industry standard catches. Available with internal panels for electronics or foam cushioning for protection, the Centurion range offers both protection and flexibility.

Foam interiors / cushioning

For ultimate product protection, ZERO offers foam interiors to cushion products whilst in transit. ZERO engineers can design around your product – either from drawings or samples – offering flexibility and optimisation at affordable pricing. From soft open cell to rigid closed cell foam, both die-cut and routed options are available depending on your needs, the type of product and transportation requirements.

19in rack-mounting cases

‘Zerak’ offers optimum protection for delicate 19in electronic equipment during operation or transportation. Equipment is mounted in internal shock-mounted frames on anti-vibration mountings, and watertight outer casings are available in aluminium or roto-moulded plastic.

Designed to be stacked and accessible from the front or back, these cases offer the ultimate protection of your sensitive equipment – including instrumentation – within minimised external space envelopes, thus reducing weight and transportation costs.

Roto-moulded containers

The roto-moulded Transitainer™ range offers a vast range of transit container solutions. Durable and virtually indestructible in use, they can be re-used many times thus providing a highly reliable, cost-effective alternative to other types of storage, shipping and transit cases. Available in many standard sizes and colours and with trouble-free stacking features providing easy storage and transit, Transitainer is the perfect solution for efficient shipment and storage.

Modular shipping containers

A range of custom-engineered re-usable shipping cases individually designed around a standard extruded framework, ZERO modular containers will meet your exact needs. They are constructed from welded lightweight aluminium and offer an exceptional solution for shipping and storage containers. Modular containers are ‘reusable’ – and can be re-furbished by ZERO if damaged. The unique construction offers a high strength-to-weight ratio for maximum protection combined with economy in shipping costs.

ZERO Cases (UK) Ltd

Unit 5, Alpha Park

Bevan Way, Dartmouth Road

Smethwick, West Midlands

B66 1BZ

United Kingdom

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