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Acura Embedded Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of durable, industrial-grade computer systems, interactive touchscreen displays and internet protocol (IP) / analogue hybrid digital video recorder (DVR) systems for critical offshore environments.

Our innovative and customisable solutions are relied upon across a diverse range of industrial applications worldwide, ranging from rig floor systems in hazardous Class 1 Division 2 (C1D2) locations to mobile and panel-mounted PCs deployed at marine sites.

We manufacture our products in Canada and offer some of the fastest order-to-arrival times available, while our exceptional client support and warranty services are able to provide clients with a consistently best-in-class customer service experience.

Rugged computer systems for industrial applications

Acura specialises in the development of both rig-ready and bespoke computer systems featuring fully integrated and customisable motherboard components.

Acura Embedded Systems’ IP65-rated AcuBrite monitor features a hard-wearing design and 1,600 nit (nt) brightness screen to ensure excellent visibility in all industrial working environments.
Our 15in AcuPNL15 HB system is a customisable computing tool featuring advanced LED backlighting and durable aluminium casing, making it ideal for use in harsh locations.
The C1D2-certified AcuPNL15 HB rig display solution is equipped with an innovative measurement-while-drilling (MWD) system and features an integrated pressure decoder and 900Mhz radio.
The PowerBrick Ultra is a next-generation, panel-mountable mobile computer solution that has been specially designed to tolerate extreme temperatures and humidity during deployment at offshore sites.
Acura’s PowerBrick Ultra Plus combines top-of-the-line CPU performance with heavy-duty enclosure components and has been developed to deliver reliable, noiseless operation during critical marine activities.
Acura’s robust PowerBrick Mini system requires less power consumption than larger models, while offering cutting-edge computing capability in a simple, compact package.
Our PowerBrick 6.0 is a rugged, customisable HUB computer solution featuring dual RAID redundancy systems that has been specifically built to withstand harsh operating environments.
Acura fabricates products in-house to ensure all orders, repairs and replacements are delivered within consistently short lead-times.

Our computers are equipped with a variety of convenient features, including complete measurement-while-drilling (MWD) surface systems, pressure decoders and directional drilling tools, as well as radio and Wi-Fi capabilities.

They also include mud-pulse and electromagnetic telemetry technologies, in addition to depth monitoring solutions and other rig display systems designed to facilitate easy, accurate operational analyses.

We are able to integrate a wide catalogue of auxiliary features into our products in accordance with the customers’ individual requirements and our computers can be easily updated with the industry’s latest specifications, including C1D2 certification.

Waterproof computer technologies for marine environments

Acura has simplified its rig systems into robust all-in-one solutions in order to eliminate the need for multiple boxes and crates.

These heavy-duty, International Protection 65 (IP65) compliant computers are fully water, dust and sand resistant and able to function in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C.

Additionally, dual redundant array of independent disks (RAID) serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) hard drives are available for PowerBrick 6.0 models, along with multiple customisable input / output (I/O) ports for optimum compatibility with users’ existing systems.

Acura’s solutions, including the popular AcuPNL 15 HB and the PowerBrick Mini, feature user-friendly touchscreens and ruggedised HUB systems, while being rack, panel and vehicle mountable, depending on the intended application.

Cutting-edge computing solutions for offshore locations

Acura’s durable, compact and lightweight computers are equipped with advanced Intel CPUs and solid-state drive (SSD) storage systems to ensure consistently powerful operational capabilities. Innovative heat sink components allow them to operate in a wide range of environmental temperatures without built-in fans or heaters.

Our computer products have been fitted with high-brightness, IP65-rated touchscreens to enable users to easily view the monitor no matter how bright the sun is shining. Their rugged and fully sealed design makes them ideal for deployment across an all-inclusive range of environments, ranging from shop floors to field vehicles.

We are able to provide human-to-machine interface (HMI) systems featuring touchscreens or keyboard and mouse inputs, as well as completely automated solutions equipped with an array of latest technologies. These include RAID control, hot-swappable hard drives, redundant 4G / LTE connectivity and robust CPU power to address a wide range of operational needs.

Acura’s versatile solutions can be deployed for any application requiring a heavy-duty computer system and are configurable for use as effective, multi-channel analogue and IP-based DVRs. Customisable software based on Linux and Windows platforms are also available on request.

Customisable computer systems for critical subsea operations

Acura’s rugged computer solutions are fully customisable in accordance with customers’ unique project specifications and operational requirements.

We are able to customise the computer’s hardware to feature a varied selection of CPUs, motherboards and military (MIL) grade ports, while several systems can be integrated into one C1D2 / IP65 compliant hub in order to allow a single unit to serve a versatile array of functions.

Our products are manufactured from durable high-quality materials and do not feature built-in fan or heater components, allowing customers to ‘install and forget’ without the need for further cleaning or maintenance by the user.

Acura systems are integrated with changeable components in order to facilitate easy and cost-effective upgrades, while significantly increasing service-life. Warranties of up to five years are available, though several models have been known to last up to ten years in the field.

In the unlikely event of malfunction, Acura endeavours to provide customers with repairs and replacements within a two-week period, compared to the standard four-to-eight-week lead-time (excluding shipping) offered by most companies in the industry.

Hard-wearing computer devices for extreme environments

Acura’s water, dust and sand proof computer systems feature a simple, minimalistic design that has been specially developed to maintain optimum functionality even when deployed in the marine industry’s harshest environments.

Our robust rig-floor computers are certified to comfortably operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 70°C. The devices” integrated protection and shielding systems enable them to withstand impact and other accidental trauma without affecting performance.

About Acura Embedded Systems

Acura Embedded Systems was originally established in 1994 in Vancouver, Canada, with the aim of developing cutting-edge rugged computer systems for military and emergency response organisations.

The company has since diversified to become a manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive portfolio of hard-wearing computer solutions for a wide range of industries and applications worldwide.

We are committed to providing our global client base with consistently high-quality solutions and personalised customer support. This approach has contributed to our reputation as one of the most trusted suppliers on the market today.

In the unlikely event of malfunction, Acura endeavours to provide customers with repairs and replacements within a two-week period, compared to the standard four-to-eight-week lead-time (excluding shipping) offered by most companies in the industry.