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Electro and Hydraulic Control Systems and Accessories to the Oil and Gas Industry

Advantec is an international supplier of workover control systems, subsea and well control solutions, in addition to project management for the oil and gas industries.


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Advantec is an international supplier of workover control systems, subsea and well control solutions, in addition to project management for the oil and gas industries. With a combination of sustainable services and reliable processes, Advantec aims to create long-term partnerships with clients.

Workover control systems for subsea wells

Installation and workover operations in subsea wells of offshore platforms require specialised safety equipment and procedures as there are a number of variable environmental factors to take into account.

Advantec’s workover control systems (ADVANTEC WOCS) is an integrated system that provides well control and safety functions in open water (LRP) and landing string modes, in addition to deepwater applications requiring multiplexed (MUX) systems. Each system contains all the necessary safety and function features, including containers or skids, umbilical disconnect systems, connection systems, workover reels, workover umbilicals and deck jumpers, as well as sheaves, baskets and running tools.

Should any repairs or maintenance works be required, Advantec’s established chain of WOCS aftermarket and operations services hubs can effectively identify and repair any faults. Our team of operators can be integrated into offshore rotation with other team members on board rigs and vessels. Calibration services can also be included into the initial installation to perform periodic test on instrumentation.

Workover control systems provide well control and safety functions during installation and subsea well operations.
Advantec also supplies HPU container units and MCP skids for rental in addition to the WCO systems and accessories.
Advantec's rental reels and frames can efficiently swap between drum and umbilical equipment in case of damage.
Advantec can supply companies with test and flushing equipment sets that include inspection tools, sampling equipment, analysers and purifiers.
Experienced management professionals are also available for subsea project management services and workover solutions.

Workover control systems and tools for long-term and short rental

In addition to our workover control systems available for purchase, Advantec also provides an extensive range of WOCS systems and accessories for long-term and short-term rental that are configured to meet the demands of individual clients or environments. The range includes 30ft NORSOK containers, 15ft compact containers and standalone HPU and MCP skids, which can be rented as individual system modules or integrated complete WOCS system. Manually operated HPU containers and skids are also available for hire.

For offshore clients that already have a WOCS system but require additional accessories, Advantec also provides a range of reel frames, umbilicals, sheaves, baskets and clamps for rental. The sheaves can accommodate a range of main umbilical designs, while the rental baskets suit specific deck jumper specifications.

Advantec’s rental reel frames can be used in subsea operations between 300m and 650m in water depth, when connected to either LS or XT umbilicals. Large rental reels can be provided for deepwater and ultra deepwater projects according to project specification, but all reel rentals are equipped with a patented system that fits to specific drum design to meet project requirements.

Subsea and well control solutions

In addition to the WOCS system, Advantec offers a range of equipment that meets industry and international regulations for subsea and topside well control. The equipment has been designed and tested to withstand the harshest conditions of the Norwegian Continental Shelf, in order to provide high-quality installation, work over, production and wireline services.

Other products available in Advantec’s inventory include hydraulic power units for testing and flushing equipment. These units can be designed and built according to a wide range of specifications for use in offshore pressure cleaning and testing of hydraulic systems and components.

Management services for oil and gas projects

Advantec has a team of experienced professionals that can provide external management services onsite or offsite in the oil and gas and subsea industries, in addition to processing plants, FPSOs and land terminals, and drilling and production platforms. Working within integrated teams, our management experts can assume a variety of responsibilities in positions, including QHSE issues, planning and progress monitoring and reporting.

They can also take charge of complicated duties such as cost and financial reporting, technical compliance with the appropriate regulation, and adhering to standards and project requirements.

Our management professionals are particularly experienced in multi-disciplinary projects related to electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, instrumentation, fire and gas detection, and HVAC and shutdown systems.

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