Electro-Technical Offshore Supplier

Brattvaag Electro has gained a solid reputation for providing electro-technical services to companies around the world. We have extensive experience with maritime electrical installation, engineering and services. We have close to 80 years of experience with electrical installations and services on maritime vessels and have completed over 150 new-building projects.

Some of the areas that we work in include:

  • New-building
  • Rebuilding
  • Upgrading
  • Repairing
  • Control and maintenance
  • Topside installations
  • Ex installations
  • Thermography

Preventive maintenance by thermography

A thermal image gives us information about an object’s heat radiation. It will detect any abnormal temperatures in an electrical system, and makes it possible to detect potential hazards at an early stage. Thermography is often used as a supplement to control and maintenance work, as it detects errors we might not be able to observe with our own eyes.

Brattvaag Electro's core values include quality, on-time delivery and good communication.
Brattvaag Electro is located in one of the world's largest maritime clusters, at the north-western coast of Norway.
Electro-technical installations and services to maritime customers have always been the cornerstone of Brattvaag Electro.
Brattvaag Electro's workshop builds equipment for customers all around the world.
Brattvaag Electro is certified to build Ex equipment in all categories.

Thermography is one of the most valuable methods within preventive maintenance. It significantly reduces the chance of damage to people and property, and it can be profitable as it precludes shutdowns.

Brattvaag Electro is a specialist in thermography. Our thermographers are certified by DNV, which is known for its strict quality requirements of expertise and knowledge. We perform thermography on ships and offshore platforms. The method is performed during normal run, so it will not cause any delays or temporary shutdowns.

Manufacturing capability

Brattvaag Electro has a 1,400m² workshop. It offers a range of automation products, mainly fitted in ships, maritime and offshore equipment such as:

  • Main switchboards
  • Emergency switchboards
  • Motor control centres
  • Motor starters
  • Subsea distributions
  • Control panels
  • Control cabinets
  • PLC solutions
  • Ex equipment
  • Servo aggregate
  • Crane cabins

Explosion-protected electrical equipment

Brattvaag Electro’s workshop is authorised for building, repair and rebuilding of explosion-protected electrical (Ex) equipment. Ex equipment is especially designed and tested to ensure that it can be safely used in hazardous areas without risk of explosions.

We offer Ex equipment for ships, offshore platforms and onshore industries. Brattvaag Electro is also experienced with electrical installations in Ex areas, especially on well intervention vessels.

About Brattvaag Electro

Brattvaag Electro was founded in 1933 in a small industrial and fishing-town called Brattvåg. It was one of the first companies in this line of business in Norway. It all started with installation of lights in fishing boats. Since then, electrical services and installations in maritime vessels have constituted the cornerstone of the company’s business. Brattvaag Electro has manufactured these products for many decades, and our equipment can be found on ships all over the world.