MDA Controls is a leading distributor and producer of motion control products and wireless data radio modems for all offshore technology applications, including explosion-proof and corrosive environments. With a wide range of European-manufactured products, the company offers full flexibility and customisation, and can offer a complete turnkey solution.

With more than 30 years of international experience in the industrial markets, we have strategically partnered with a number of manufacturers all focused on a single product line, making them the experts in their field. From brake systems, brake motors, encoders and control panels, to long-range wireless data transmitters, our product lines are all integrated.

Long-range remote wireless communication systems

Communications solutions are easily and affordably achieved using the SATEL (Oy) radio modems as an independent communication network, whether point-to-point or point-to-multi-point.

With applications such as ship-to-shore communication, or even ship-to-helicopter, underground or above ground, we can design and configure solutions to provide the most reliable data transmission for the most complex of applications.

Customised explosion-proof controls with ATEX or North American approvals.
IntelEx UHF or VHF hazardous location radio modem system for monitoring applications.
UHF and VHF-based SATEL radio modems for long-range applications above ground, underground or high seas.
Typical installation of VIS brakes on a standard IEC motor.
Multi-drive marine winch VIS brakes, with an enclosure rating of IP66, ideal for both on-deck and off-deck installations.

Wireless communication for explosion-proof applications in extreme conditions

One of the significant achievements we have successfully designed is wireless communication for explosion-proof applications, which provides the ability to remotely monitor conditions in extreme environments. The wireless data modems are designed to work with most industrial protocols and are available in a UHF frequency range of 403-485, 1W-35W, and a VHF 138-174 1W and 5W. The line comes complete with related equipment and accessories to provide a complete package.

Motors and brakes for hazardous locations and heavy-duty offshore applications

Motors and brakes are what operate your machinery, so why not choose the ones that can do the job. Italian manufacturer COEL MOTORI’s line of electric brakes has been applied to the harshest of applications, and proven time and time again its capabilities in both onshore and offshore marine applications, as well as other heavy-duty, internationally approved hazardous locations.

Purchased as a complete brake motor unit or as a stand-alone brake unit, the patent pending design is an innovative module with a flame-proof spring-applied disc brake that can be fitted onto any manufacturer’s motor with only four bolts. No machining, fittings, design or recertification changes are required.

The complete line of international-standard asynchronous motors and brake motors are available with frame sizes from 63m to 280m and voltage ranging from 220V to 600V.

Control panels for hazardous environments

The control panel is said to be the brain and without it the heart does not function. Together with the IDRM and Akron equipment lines for explosive and corrosive atmospheres, MDA Controls can design and build panels for simple to complex and unique applications with North American and international standard approvals.

MDA Controls distribution division carries various product lines suited for hazardous applications and can deliver the best systems at competitive prices.

Single-stop contact for motion control products and communications equipment

MDA Controls has completed major projects for various industrial sectors, designing new ways to achieve operation of new and old systems in a more effective, cost-saving and environmentally-friendly process. Furthermore, we have been contracted to represent and distribute new lines by several European companies producing high-quality industrial products, which previously were only available through OEM as complete systems.

MDA Controls continuously studies the market for new and innovative products to bring to its customers the latest that technology has to offer, and in 2012 we will be adding an additional two new lines to further add to our communication systems, and provide more options to the market with more complex capabilities.

MDA Controls is looking to achieve a single-source contact for its customers when it comes to industrial motion control products. Keep visiting our website on a monthly basis to see the latest products and follow our blog for insightful information on the latest technology.