Turner ECS is one of Woodward Governors’ largest central distributors worldwide. Our offices are located in the Netherlands, the UK, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We also manage a network of agents throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Turner ECS offers a complete range of engineering and support services associated with rotating equipment installed in different applications, such as marine, oil and gas, power generation and process industries.

Flexibility, quick turnaround times and fast response to our customers are critical success factors for us. We repair all leading makes of governors and have several Woodward authorised repair workshops throughout Europe.

Mechanical governor overhaul and repair

Turner ECS can provide a complete turnkey solution for the overhaul and repair of mechanical governors. Our purpose-built workshops include the latest calibrated test tools, test simulators, software, database of drawings and test procedures. Our engineers and technicians are factory trained to repair all types of Woodward governors, including:

From our strategically located offices in the Netherlands and the UK we can cover the ports of Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Vlissingen, Antwerp, IJmuiden and Delfzijl, Aberdeen and Liverpool.
Turner ECS engineers and technicians are fully factory trained on all Woodward electronic controls.
Turner ECS field service engineers are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
Turner ECS designs and builds control panels in-house.
Turner ECS field service engineers are fully factory trained on all Woodward products.
  • Actuators, amplifiers and I/H convertors
  • Heinzmann actuators
  • RE governors
  • Diesel Kiki – Zexel – Yanmar

Electronic governors for the offshore industry

Turner ECS’ electronic workshop in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, includes the latest Woodward calibrated test tools, test simulators, software, database of drawings, electrical schematics and test procedures. Our engineers and technicians, many of whom are ex-Woodard employees, are fully factory trained to repair SMD and true hole boards. Turner ECS has the largest exchange stock in Europe and has many electronic controls and spare cards available.

Governor and electronic control service exchange

Turner ECS has the largest service exchange stock of governors or electronic controls in Europe and can provide a fast and efficient service for our customers who are in a hurry.

All you need to do is provide part / designation and serial number of the governor or control. These numbers can be found on the nameplate of the governor or electronic control. We confirm technical specifications and then ship the unit to you.

Offshore field service for governors and control products

Turner ECS provides a 24-hour service, 365 days a year, to support our customers in the field. Our service team is fully factory trained on Woodward governors and/or control products ranging from mechanical governors to sophisticated turbine controls systems.

Turner ECS can also provide field service support for Heinzmann equipment, Regulateurs Europa, Diesel Kiki and Zexel.

Our field service and commissioning engineers are VCA certified and are in possession of offshore papers. The team has a comprehensive reach-back capability to our mechanical and electronic workshops and exchange stock and can also provide the following added-value field services:

  • Repair on-board or on-site
  • Long-term service contracts
  • Overhaul and repair services
  • Governor exchange programme
  • Troubleshooting on-board on site
  • Worldwide commissioning services
  • Troubleshooting for any unscheduled shutdown
  • Fitting and adjustment of governor on prime mover
  • Removing and installing governors onto prime movers
  • Solving engine problems in relation to governors
  • Assist in wiring and interconnection problems on location

Turbine and compressor retrofits and upgrades

Turner ECS delivers reliable retrofit solutions for a wide range of prime movers and other applications. This includes various types of turbines and reciprocating engines.

As a Woodward recognised turbine retrofitter (RTR), Turner ECS is specialised to offer solutions for speed / load controls, generators, extractions, compressors, excitation controls and integrated turbine compressor controls. We utilise Woodward’s control, actuation and valve technologies, and can integrate other brands of controls to fulfil your requirements.

Our engineers make extensive use of simulation software in the design, testing and of the control system to make sure everything works in accordance with the design specifications before shipment to site.

Comprehensive documentation and end-user training complete the package. The end result is that our customers achieve enhanced systems performance, with trained staff equipped with the know-how to understand and maintain the new systems.

Genuine Woodward products for the offshore industry

Turner ECS sells a range of Woodward products, which includes electronic controls, valves, actuators and auxiliaries modules for steam turbines with the strong drive to reduce total installed / operating cost and emissions, while improving performance including availability, efficiency, start performance and operating range.

Steam turbine products

Turner ECS supplies the following Woodward steam turbine products:

  • Governors and actuators
  • Controls
  • Auxiliaries
  • Antisurge

Gas turbine products

Turner ECS supplies the following Woodward gas turbine products:

  • Valves
  • Controls
  • Auxiliaries
  • Antisurge

Power management products

Turner ECS supplies the following Woodward power management products:

  • Genset controls
  • Synchronisers
  • Protection relays
  • Load share modules

Diesel and gas engine products

Turner ECS supplies the following Woodward diesel and gas engine products:

  • Governors
  • Controls
  • Auxiliaries
  • Valves

Official Woodward product training

Turner ECS can provide both theoretical and practical training on Woodward products. Training can be held in our office in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, or at your location.

Our in-house trainers have many years of field experience and are able to combine both theory and practical knowledge which makes us unique from other training centres.