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Corrosion Protection Products for Oil and Gas Pipelines

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3M has been manufacturing coatings since 1882 and has specialised in the development and manufacture of internal and external liquid pipe coatings for over 50 years.

3M, through its pipe coating division, pioneered many of the concepts adopted today involving the use of internal pipe coatings for offshore (and onshore) oil and gas pipelines (the internal flow coating) and the use of external fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE).

Internal and external pipe coatings for oil and gas pipelines

3M™ Scotchkote™ pipe coatings have been applied to over 305,000km of diverse service pipelines. The 3M Scotchkote pipe coatings product range includes liquid internal and external pipe coatings as well as fusion-bonded epoxy (powder) coatings.

Internal flow coatings for pipelines

Oil and gas transmission and refined product pipelines are critical items of infrastructure in providing power to regions, countries and large-scale industrial concerns. Steel pipes are commonly used, which can be subject to both internal and external corrosion – if unprotected. Corrosion protection is a critical process to ensure continuous pipeline operation and to protect the environment. The pipelines can also suffer from flow efficiency issues‚ if an internal pipe coating is not used.

3M™ Scotchkote™ epoxy coating EP2306 HF is specified worldwide and a preferred material of international pipe coating applicators and pipeline operators. Solvent-based, high-solids and 100%-solids versions are available, and are fully approved to API and ISO standards.

Key benefits include enhanced flow, improved flow efficiency, corrosion protection in storage, reduced pumping costs, improved commissioning, a sealed surface and product purity.

External pipe coatings

Steel pipes can be subject to external corrosion, if left uncoated. Corrosion protection is essential in order to safeguard continuous pipeline operations and to protect the environment from damage caused by leaks and spillages.

The Scotchkote pipe coatings range includes liquid external pipe-protection systems using the latest 100%-solids polyurethane and epoxy powder technology.

Liquid pipe coatings

3M™ Scotchkote™ liquid external pipe coatings can be used for field joint (girth weld) protection, pipeline rehabilitation and full external pipe protection.

Key benefits include single-coat high-build application, corrosion-resistant barrier with a degree of flexibility, excellent CD resistance, rapid curing, and high impact and abrasion resistance.

Fusion-bonded epoxy coatings

3M carries a complete line of of FBE coatings with proven performance, which have been engineered for optimum corrosion protection of external metal surfaces.

Key benefits of FBE coatings include excellent impact resistance, improved abrasion resistance, flexibility and slip resistance. These coatings can operate in temperatures of up to 110°C and provide superior adhesion in humid environments.

Bonga North West, Gulf of Guinea

The Bonga North West field is located in the oil mining lease (OML) 118, at a depth of more than 1,000m, approximately 120km off the Nigerian coast.

3M Corrosion Protection Products

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