We at Abbey Gritblasting Services (AGS Coatings) are proud to have achieved 25 years’ services in both pre-preparation methods and finish coatings. We believe that our flexible approach and commitment to meeting specific requirements have been the key to our success.

As an ISO 9001:2008 quality assured firm, we can meet the highest standards and exceed our customer expectations. Our company is based within easy road link to the east coast ports of Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Felixstowe, Ipswich and Harwich.

AGS coatings has built up an extensive client list and has successfully completed 1,000’s of projects for a range of market sectors, including those listed below:

  • Onshore / offshore oil and gas industry
  • Subsea
  • Power generation
  • Refinery
  • Railway
  • Petro-chemical
  • Water treatment industry
  • Ports
  • Defence
  • Agriculture
  • Engineering and construction

We combine our expertise in coating applications, understanding of corrosion and knowledge of engineering to provide our clients with an effective solution to corrosion problems across many industries. We can offer preparation treatments such a bead blasting, grit blasting and industrial steam cleaning, leaving substrates ready to receive protective finishes. Our blasting standards range from SA 1- SA 3 to meet specification requirements.

As part of our technical services, we can prepare specifications to suit a diverse range of environments and applications. Our knowledge of all types of coatings along with links with leading coating manufacturers allows us to provide expert advice to our clients. We have a full range of advanced testing equipment, which enables us to ensure quality coating performance along with all required certification.

Our company is forward thinking and continually investing in new equipment to improve our services, we offer an extensive array of high-performance coating systems. We operate application equipment to allow us to apply all types of coatings, including hot zinc and aluminium spray, glass flakes, tank linings, imtumesent coatings and multi-coat epoxy / polyurethane paint systems.

Pre-coating preparation

AGS can offer blast cleaning services using Australian garnet, recycled glass and glass bead to SA 1- SA 3 standards. Where certain types of blasting media are required, we source these to suit the required specification. Our blasting operatives are experienced in all necessary blast media. We regularly work on the refurbishment of valve bodies, pumps, filters, pipes and vessels with superior results.

Anti-corrosion protections

In 2008 AGS invested in the latest technology, ARC 140/5350CL, to keep inline with the market demand and extend the services that we provide.
Thermal arc spray enables us to provide a top-quality, highly effective protective coating. All of our operatives are fully trained to apply zinc and aluminium coatings to manufacturer’s standard (school of thermal spraying).

Metal / thermal spraying safeguards against corrosion problems in the most hostile of environments. Common areas of use include subsea, bridges, offshore structures and pipelines. It is also known for its resistance to temperature so proves itself as an exceptional method for high temperature painting specifications.

Offshore protective coatings

AGS has had immense experience in providing offshore protective coatings and has great knowledge in safeguarding products against the elements and corrosion. We can use coating manufacturers as per customer specification or research and draw up a specification to suit requirements and environmental conditions. We can provide a wide range of high technology coating systems as required.

The application equipment we use permits us to apply all types of coatings such as glass flake epoxy, tank linings, imtumesent high-temperature coatings and multi-coat epoxy / polyurethane offshore paint system. Our customers can choose from the RAL and BS colour ranges, we can also colour match and source specialist coatings.

Powder coating

In 2006 AGS installed a new curing oven capable of taking items up to 6m long by 3m wide, including a state-of-the-art monorail system to enable us to meet customer demand. This makes us one of the largest manual powder coating operations in East Anglia.

Our manual system allows us to process large or small bespoke items with efficient lead times and outstanding finishes. Powder coating is used to create a hard finish that is tougher than conventional paint, and is suitable for enclosures and panel work, where blasting and wet spray systems are impractical. It is strong, abrasion resistant and solid to provide years of anti-corrosion protection. Colours from the RAL, BS ranges and speciality coatings also available at your request.